From what I here today August 9 is National Book Lovers Day. Who Knew? So I thought I would try to put a list of some of my favorite books I was Lucky enough to do Book reviews on. There are links to the full reviews if you care to look at them. There are certainly more than these ten but to keep it short here they are.


1. This Book by Ken Goldstein might just be my favorite check it out if you can

FROM NOTHING a Rockin’Novel by Ken Goldstein | Book Room Reviews

From nothing

What’s it about? It’s about really good Music.   It’s about Big Business.  It’s about Dirty Business dealings. It’s about the Fork in the Road taken. It’s about the Fork in the Road not Taken. It’s about Friendship. It’s about Relationships. It’s about Self Doubt. It is about Regrets. It’s about the world of Technology.  It’s about Redemption. It’s about Vegas.


 Oh and did I say it is about really good Music!


    But mostly it’s about a man named Victor Selo


2. There is something about Time Travel that has always intrigued me. Traveller Inceptio is a winner


Traveller Inceptio by Rob Shackleford a Time Travel Adventure | Book Room Reviews

TravellerIf you’re familiar with our site and/or my reviews you might remember that I do love a book that delves into the idea of Time Travel. Just the thought of it is fascinating. The Butterfly effect and all that good stuff. So just a thought here but what if you went back in time and killed your parents before you were born? Would you cease to exist? But I digress here I think…

This book Traveller Inceptio is one of those books you can’t or maybe don’t want to put down. If there is one thing I did not like about this book it’s that it ended.There is so much more to see in this story. So many directions the author can go.I WANT MORE! Luckily this is Book one in this new series as in INCEPTIO


3. Two Books by this next Dude Chris Sykes. If you like slightly weird , strange and hilarious these might be for you.

Time Traveling Dino’s: The Pilot by Chris Sykes Book Review | Book Room Reviews

Let’s see, in the beginning Dinosaurs roamed the earth. But you probably knew that.There’s all kinds of dinotheories about what happened to them how they all died.Whether it was the Ice Age, Meteors or some other catastrophic event .Never the less, according to Mr. Sykes author of “Time Traveling Dino’s” Tim may still be out there somewhere or should I say SOMETIME? Tim? Oh he’s a Triceratops

The Most Ferocious of Creatures; by Chris Sykes – a Book Review (bookroomreviews.com)

A milk soaked mouse (don’t ask) a kleptomaniac of a cat. A craZy old lady, a gang of criminally insane cats and of course Matilda (badge or woman) doesn’t really matter. It all makes for a very entertaining book.This is one of those book that if you read it too fast it could make you dizzy. I always try to find a lesson or a moral to be learned  in a book . If there is one here I’d say it’s like the old saying goes “It’s not the size of the Mouse in the fight but the size of the fight in the Mouse” (or something like that)

4. One more unbelievably Hilarious work of fiction (I think it’s fiction)

Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure; by Michael G. Munz a book review (bookroomreviews.com)

zeuaMr. Micheal G. Munz  ( the author) must be one crazy Dude! Not since I read Catch 22 in high school have I read anything so ridiculously funny. When I say funny I mean Hilarious on so many levels. When this book attacks your sense of humor or that funny bone of yours it’s (To steal a line from the book itself) well it’s ” SHOCK and AWE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!” From simple pun’s and stand-up type one liners to drawn out descriptions of a character or storyline. This guy Munz will actually stop the story in mid sentence and talk to the reader, whether to explain something or maybe a little idle conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with the story. Technically I think at least in films and theater they call it breaking the fourth wall- picture Woody Allen in Annie Hall or maybe Meta-fiction. But Munz takes it to another level . This style of writing only adds to the book.A National Book Lovers Day Must Read if you like FUNNY!



5. For the Middle School gang I like the Liberty Frye series by J.L. McCeedy   

These books are a lot of fun. Once again check them out.

Liberty Frye and the Cover for KindleSo who exactly is Liberty Frye ? How did she go from sitting in a tree in BaluhlaLiberty Frye Mississippi reading Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales to sitting as a prisoner in the Tower of a Medieval Castle ? Why is Ginny sifting through Goose PooP? What has Mom and Dad been protecting Libby from all  her young life? …Wait…What? Did that tree say something?????

Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen (bookroomreviews.com)

Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate by J.L. McCreedy | Book Room Reviews

Liberty Frye and the Emperor’s Tomb by J.L.McCreedy | Book Room Reviews


6. Another one for National Book Lovers Day I really enjoyed is GHOST BULLY by Brian Corley

Ghost Bully by Brian Corley | Book Room Reviews

A Fun Ghost Story

Ghost Bully

If this book “Ghost Bully” is any indication take note. If one day you start to suspect your house may be haunted pay attention to y

our gut. You know maybe your keys keep disappearing or you hear strange noises. Or if you actually see a Ghost or some sort of spirit. Listen to what they have to say. If they say get out well…

So goes the story of one Jonah Preston. You see Jonah not only knew his house was haunted he knew who the ghost was! It was Willard Freakin’ Hench.



 How about a few Thrillers ?

7. Killing Pace

KILLING PACE : a Thriller by Douglas Schofield | Book Room Reviews



Let me start by saying KILLING PACE is a Kick-Ass novel about a Kick-Ass Woman. Lisa,Laura or Sarah take your pick they’re all quite dangerous.

When I first saw the title of this book “Killing Pace” I thought of some sort of serial killer on a killing spree. Not so however. It’s Laura Pace the bad guys are after. A U.S. Customs agent that stumbles into an international crime organization that involves dishonest UN investigators, bad cops the Mafia and illegal baby adoptions not to mention the smuggling of knock off products into the U.S. As she gets deeper and deeper into her investigation she realizes she must be very careful as to who she trust.




8. On the Devils Side Of Heaven

On the Devil’s Side of Heaven by Roger Peppercorn | Book Room Reviews

Roger Peppercorn I hate to use a Book Review “cliché” like this BUT! On the Devil’s Side of Heaven is simply a damn good Page Turner. An action thriller type that gets you right into the action. From the very start you get a very good Idea about who Walt Walker (Ex-Cop) is and how he got to where he is at this point in his life. Turn a few page and we see Ronald Jacobs and his wife (Walt’s Sister) getting their house shot up in an attempt to kill Ronald. Ronald is, or was a Hitman or “Human Resource Manager” as he prefers to call himself…






9. Halley’s Casino

Halley’s Casino by Mark JG Fahey a Sci/Fi Adventure | Book Room Reviews

Halleys CasinoSo have you ever sat and pondered the mysteries of the universe? You know what’s really out there? Is there life on other planets? Where did everything come from? Big Bang? What’s a Black Hole? Did Star Trek really get it right? How did they know ? What’s up with that Halley’s Comet? Is it actually a Comet? or is it…

And what does John Lennon have to do with it.

Halleys Casino

Well to answer some of those questions you must check out a  book by Mark JG Fahey. Halley’s Casino. No that’s not a misprint ,not Halley’s Comet.  There is so little we know about SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER! So let’s boldly go where no man (or women) has gone before.

National Book Lovers Day

10. This one just because I’m a Big Beatles Fan

The Boys Next Door: A Tale about the Early BEATLES | Book Room Reviews

the boys next doorAs anyone familiar with the Beatles early years would know. They spent a fair amount of time in Germany perfecting their skills, their music, their talent and of course their Band. They would spend hours and hours every day to work on their craft. I can just about guarantee, if you know anything about the early Beatles you will love this book. Although it is a work of Historical fiction the author mixes fact that any true fan would know and fiction to create a great story.   The book captures the feeling of what it may have been like to be a so called fly on the wall at this time in history. Just before this group of boys from Liverpool would burst onto the world stage.


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