I love Chris Sykes sense of humor,His writing style and his storytelling ability.I really have no idea where to start here. Let’s see, in the beginning Dinosaurs roamed the earth. But you probably knew that.There’s all kinds of dinotheories about what happened to them how they all died.Whether it was the Ice Age, Meteors or some other catastrophic event .Never the less, according to Mr. Sykes author of “Time Traveling Dino’s” Tim may still be out there somewhere or should I say SOMETIME? Tim? Oh he’s a Triceratops , pretty scary lookin’ dude I guess. A lovable guy very loyal to his friend Larry. Yes Larry too is a Dino (that’s short for Dinosaur) a Diplodocus to be more precise.One thing I now know about Diplodocuses is they are/were/are very large creatures and eat a lot of vegetation which of course results in very large uh well lets just say POOS! Now I know what your thinking. With this being family website and all  why would I bring THAT up. Don’t blame me Tim’s the one that has a problem with it and it has absolutely nothing to do with the story.In fact that’s actually where our story begins and thankfully the Author was intuitive enough to steer clear as not to let Tim get the story off track.

Excerpt page two..(Tim talking to Larry)“Excuse me but it is your mess and it is right there,ON THE PATH.” Basic hygiene stipulates that a poo, of any size, needs to be disposed of in the right manner.Whether it is done so in a toilet, a bin, a trench, or simply in a hole in the ground does  not matter, as long as it has been disposed of. For instance, human beings will do their best to find a toilet. The type of toilet would depend entirely upon the location the human beings found themselves at the time nature called. We could speak about toilets, the different types, different ways to get the best results, etc. for the duration of this incredible story but we would lose Tim and Larry somewhere in any one of the many time zones. So…

Ok on to the book . I guess if I had to I’d classify this as young adult genre . It’s not really though. It’s appealing to anyone that likes quirky characters silly stories and very clever and witty writing.Some of it might go over the head of younger readers and older ones too for that matter. I think Chris Sykes has the same type of humor as another writer I’m familiar with Micheal G. Munz .

The entire premise of the book is based on friendship and Time travel. How so? Well , it seems Tim and Larry find a time machine way back when Dino’s ruled the earth.Next thing you know a boulder living on top of a mountain decides to pack up its belonging’s and move to a spot at the bottom of the mountain.It seems it might be a perfect spot for a gift shop in a million or so years.Problem is Larry’s head it right at that particular spot at the moment. Of course when a gigantic boulder meets a Dino’s head bad things can happen.(Dead Dino) Not to worry folks that’s when the fun starts. So what would you do if that happened to your bestest buddy your Bff  AND there just happened to be a time machine handy.You guessed it .

So in their adventures in time Tim and Larry meet a cast of characters that will keep you giggling for all 259 pages.It does end rather abruptly, I wanted them to continue with their adventure and see where or when they might end up but we’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger.Again I must say this book was a lot of fun and did not disappoint one bit.I did read the authors other book The Most Ferocious of Creatures and kind of knew what to expect.If you think you might like this one check out the other. Oh and I must mention the Illustrations, also done by the author Chris Sykes.They’re not exactly the best art you’ll see but they fit the book perfectly and you can see the authors or maybe artists sense of humor all over them. They are the icing on the cake so to speak

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