4 books children love that are also great Indie movies


     Children's books made into movies   There are so many children’s books out there that are dearly loved by children and passed down throughout the generations. When these much loved stories are taken by talented indie directors and transformed into films, the results can be magical, enchanting and captivating for both children and adults, alike.   Here are 4 well-loved children’s books that are also great indie movies…   Where the Wild … [Continue reading...]

How to Make Writing about History More Interesting to Students

world globe

A Guest Post By Candice Larson How to Make  Writing about History about History Most Interesting to Students History, as many say and academic journals would reflect, depends on who is telling the story. Admittedly, people, students in particular, are not fond of the subject. They claim it as boring, uninteresting, and irrelevant. In addition, many question the validity of what is written in history books and claim the facts as falsified events. And so, it is the aim of this article to … [Continue reading...]

Confessions of a Prodigal Son – A Christian Film with a Message


Confessions of a Prodigal Son I was recently given a copy of this film to watch and was asked to review it. Ok , so I did and I will. First of all let me say this. Confessions of a Prodigal Son is most definitely a “Family Christian” based film . The makers of this […]

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The Opposite of Spoiled; Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money by Ron Lieber


Ok so when is the last time you actually sat down and talked to your kids about money? It’s amazing how soon they learn about money and buying “stuff”. But at a young age like 5 all they really know is Mommy and Daddy have the Money and they buy stuff with it. My little […]

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Safe Email for Kids by Kids Email.org


I always find it so utterly amazing how tech savvy kids are. It might be expected with the older one like high school age.But what I’m taking about are the really young kids.Not just the elementary school age but children as young as five years old.With their I-pad’s, I-pod’s Nook’s,Kindles and most of all the […]

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The Legend of Wally Gonkers : by R.R. Howroar with Illustrations by Tiffany England


Being a big fan of the great Dr Seuss and his writing style and silly stories I was immediately attracted to   The Legend of Wally Gonkers. I was sure the author  R.R. Howroar was influenced by the legendary Dr Seuss and when I checked him out well – I guess the picture says it all. […]

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Magic of Friendship: Book one: How Andy-Dog & Katie-cat met by Tally Banana


    A cute and short little story about a prim and proper cat-Katie.  One day, Katie goes out and sees a bunch of dogs and gets so afraid that she runs all the way home.  One of the dogs, Andy follows Katie home.  Katie’s owner Sandy answers the door to find Andy.  Meanwhile, Katie […]

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A very special Downton Abbey giveaway plus a chance for 10K and a trip to Ireland


For all you Downton Abbey fans out there we have a pretty cool Giveaway This giveaway is made possible by the new film, NOBLE .It’s really a pretty incredible story.Coming to theaters in the U.S.May 8th. The true story of Christina Noble, an Irishwoman who after a sad childhood of her own grew up to work […]

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Grace of gratitude Journal by Deborah Perdue


A beautiful journal that features pictures of inspiring art and has the author’s thoughts of what she is grateful for in her life.  There is also a blank page for readers to write what they are grateful for in their life.  The artwork and idea of this journal is very inspiring.  Many times people often […]

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The Wondrous world of Alyssa By Sarah Khan : A Personalized Book


      A unique book that shows kids how special they are by using the kids letters in his or her name to list different character traits.  The little girl in the book goes on a magical journey in the forest and meets many different animals and people.   Each character that the little […]

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March Madness or did I Mean BOOK MADNESS

Book Madness Header fin

It’s March Madness Time and you know what that means. Did you fill out your Bracket? The folks at BookPal have come up with a idea.From now through April 7, BookPal is hosting a book-themed bracket. ! We’re encouraging everyone to vote on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day to help their favorite title be […]

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OctoPlus a Special Needs Math App for Kid’s


  We are always on the lookout for fun ways for Kid’s to learn.Even better when it helps learning disabled kids to learn AND have fun doing it too! Well the folks at Zyrobotics, a leading assistive technology firm and the same people that brought us The winner of the 2014 Moms Choice Award for […]

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The Tiny Traveler: Egypt & The Tiny Traveler: France by Misti Kenison


 A cute little board book designed for babies and toddlers that features many beautiful pictures of Egypt and of Egypt’s culture.  The storyline of the book points out the different shapes on each illustration of Egypt’s culture, geography, statues, or of Egypt’s  architecture.  The pictures are very colorful and eye-catching for a young child.  Kids will […]

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Time Traveling Dino’s: The Pilot by Chris Sykes


I love Chris Sykes sense of humor,His writing style and his storytelling ability.I really have no idea where to start here. Let’s see, in the beginning Dinosaurs roamed the earth. But you probably knew that.There’s all kinds of theories about what happened to them how they all died.Whether it was the Ice Age, Meteors or […]

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Instant Stress Relief: The Instant-series


Instant Stress Relief: How to Relieve Stress Instantly! (The INSTANT-Series)  Stress, Stress and more stress!  Good stress, bad stress;  it affects us all!  We all need to lessen our daily stresses in our lives so that we can live a happier and healthier life!   Instant Stress Relief is a another book in The Instant-Series. […]

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Instant Habits: How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Habits Instantly


Instant Habits: How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Habits Instantly       Many of us have bad habits that we would like to change,  yet struggle with breaking a bad habit and forming a new positive habit in place of the bad one.  Many of us know how to break bad habits, […]

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Disney World or Bust or Get me out of this DEEP FREEZE!!!!


With most of the country in freezing temperatures, probably at least half of us are dreaming of a vacation in Florida. And more than likely, it isn’t just us adults either. Most children I know absolutely love Disney. Disney movies are a favorite in most families across America (FROZEN) And yes I do blame Queen […]

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Turbo The Flying Dog by Kelly Kennedy and Victoria Zajko Review and Giveaway


When the time came for Victoria Zajko and her Husband to get a dog they took a little trip to Dustin’s Angels dog Rescue  in West Virginia. Now you may be thinking they just hopped in the car and drove down to the Dog shelter and picked up a puppy and that was that. Nope […]

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Raising Rainbows :My Colorful Life as a Mother of Children on the Autism Spectrum by Cynthia Dixon a book on Autism Awareness

raising rainbows

              Today we have a Guest Post by Cynthia Dixon, Author of Raising Rainbows                                        Who Needs Autism Awareness ? It’s natural to overlook things that seem irrelevant to you. People […]

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The Search for the Stone of Excalibur


The Search for the Stone of Excalibur (The Chronicles of the Stone, Book 2) Since I didn’t read Fiona’s first book in the series I just had to get it . So that’s exactly what I did. I have always liked to delve into a series.As long as it keeps my interest. Does this one […]

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