ONE LITTLE PIG by Laura Lee Scott and Cheryl Crouthamel

    One Little Pig   Anything is possible with a bit of faith,hope and compassion   One Little Pig, Written by the team of Laura Lee Scott and Cheryl Crouthamel that created the enchantingly adorable Jessica Claus in  THE SANTA SWITCH & A TRIP FOR MRS. CLAUS  We all know the story of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs right? Ok so this is a story of One Little Pig and Three potentially Little Bad Wolves. I say potentially bad wolves because … [Continue reading...]

My Bed is An Air Balloon by: Julia Copus Illustrated by: Alison Jay

Julia Copus

    My Bed is An Air Balloon                         Written by: Julia Copus  Illustrated by: Alison Jay 2018 Faber & Faber Publishing ISBN:  978-0571-33484-1 ISBN:  978-0571-34771-1 16 pages "What an adventure!"  Who wouldn't want a bed like an air balloon? Julia Copus and Alison Jay has answered my question with their picture/word book 'My Bed is An Air Balloon'. This is a story that is written as a dream that uses nonsense words to tell a story that actually … [Continue reading...]

Losing Normal by Francis Moss

Losing-normal by Francis Moss

                     LOSING                             NORMAL   A Novel by Francis Moss   I will go ahead and call  Losing Normal a young adult dystopian novel. A bit different than others I have read. As I got further into it I found it to kind of be a cross between 2001 a Space […]

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Benefits of Meditation

      Benefits of Meditation While I have found that sitting down with a good book is a fantastic way to keep my mind at rest from over analyzing everything going on in my life. I like to call the voices in my head ‘the committee’. I also have been practicing meditation for about […]

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Once Upon a Snowstorm by Richard Johnson

               Once Upon a                                     Snowstorm     Richard Johnson 2018 Faber & Faber Publishing ISBN: 978-0-571-33928-0 ISBN:  978-0-571-33929-7 31 pages A child’s wordless book that adults will love as well.  ‘Once Upon a Snowstorm’ written and illustrated by British illustrator Richard Johnson.  This is a picture book about […]

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THE PERILOUS ADVENTURES OF THE COWBOY KING: A Novel of Teddy Roosevelt and His Times

The Cowboy King

  An Interview with Jerome Charyn author of The Perilous Adventures of the Cowboy King:                         A Novel of Teddy Roosevelt and His Times         Where or how did you come up with the idea for this book and series? I fell in love with Teddy Roosevelt’s father, a philanthropist who devoted his […]

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Surviving Horse Island Kids vs. Nature Book 3

                                                     Surviving                         Horse Island                    Kids vs. Nature Book 3   Written by Karl Steam  Illustrated by  Joshua Lagman 2018 ISBN:  978-1-63578-010-9   Karl Steam has written a third installment of his Kids vs. Nature series titled ‘Surviving Horse Island’.  This installment of Josh and his new friends and classmates along […]

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Temptation Rag : a Ragtime Novel by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

           Temptation Rag: A Novel                                             by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard     Ragtime – also spelled rag-time or rag time– is a musical style that enjoyed its peak popularity between 1895 and 1918. Its cardinal trait is its syncopated or “ragged” rhythm. (From Wikipedia)   I must admit before reading this book […]

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How the Smartphone Is Affecting The Virtue Of Presence


  How Smartphones Are Affecting The Virtue Of Presence      While there are benefits to the smartphone like being able to connect with loved ones worldwide, well-being apps and instant directions when you’re lost, studies have also pointed to many dangerous effects of using your phone too much. Not only does it contribute to […]

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The Adventures of Frankie More The Time Gambler Book Two

The Adventures of Frankie More

  The Time Gambler (The Adventures of Frankie More)                                 Book Two B. T. Brunelle 2018 New Pages Publishing ISBN:  1721855491 ISBN:  13: 978-1721855490 203 pages B. T. Brunelle has done it again in her book ‘The Time Gambler’ Book Two of the Adventures of Frankie More.  In this sequel Frankie and Fantravis leap back […]

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Super Stolie Family in Harmony

  Super STOLIE Family in Harmony:                    Read-Along, Sing-Along Lyric Book     Super Stolie Family in Harmony Rebecca Stoelinga (Stolie) ISBN:  13: 978-1722827625 ISBN:  10: 1722827629 2015 Stolie aka Rebecca Stoelinga wrote ‘Super Stolie Family in Harmony’ as a Read-Along, Sing-Along Lyric book that is bi-lingual. It is a collection of songs written and […]

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Teen Bullying: The Link To Depression And Where To Get Help

Teen Bullying: The Link To Depression                                             And Where To Get Help –     Teens have enough to worry about; with the pressures of balancing a healthy body image, school and a social life, […]

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Chicken Fat   A Sing-along book

Chicken Fat

    Chicken Fat      A Sing-along book  A fun sing-a-long exercise book for kids! Ages 2-8. Based on the famous ” Chicken Fat” song from the 1960’s, commissioned by JFK. Written by: Scott Drayer   Illustrated by Matt Huson 2018 ISBN:  9781727768022 34 pages   I remember this well from elementary school days […]

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Simple Tricks to Get More People to Read Your Content

Simple Tricks to Get More People to Read Your Content

        Simple Tricks to Get More People                                  to Read Your Content     You think that you have crafted each word carefully but it seems like they have generated no fruitful outcomes. Why it turned out this way? What went wrong? You spend hours composing a certain piece of content. […]

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Marine: Halley’s Casino II by Mark JG Fahey

Marine Hally's Casino book two

    Marine: Halley’s Casino II Book Two in the Halley’s Casino Trilogy   Today we are going to start of 2019 right and  kick off the Marine: Halley’s Casino II Blog tour…   Just about a year ago I read and reviewed Halley’s Casino by Mark JG Fahey.If you are so inclined check it […]

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Surviving Desert View Kids vs. Nature Book 2

    Surviving Desert View  Kids vs. Nature Book 2 Written by:  Karl Steam    Illustrated by: Joshua Lagman 2018 ISBN:  978-1-63578-008-6 Karl Steam – Children’s Author “Ready for another adventure in science?”  Karl Steam and Joshua Lagman have another story of Josh and his classmates, but now they will be ‘sent’ in that unusual way […]

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The Peculiar Possum: The Nocturnals (Grow & Read Early Reader, Level 2)

The Peculiar Possum: The Nocturnals  (Grow & Read Early Reader, Level 2)   Tracey Hecht and Illustrated by Josie Yee 2018 ISBN:  978-1-944020-20-0 Fabled Films LLC 61 pages Tracey Hecht has written a beginning reader for young children.  It is a picture chapter book entitled ‘The Nocturnals The Peculiar Possum’ which is all about […]

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Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate by J.L. McCreedy

Liberty Frye

      Liberty Frye         and the     Sails of Fate   Well folks Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate came out in 2016 but unfortunately I missed it then. But I have it now so… When we last saw Liberty Frye (Libby to her friends) she was a ten year girl […]

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The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak by Wendelin Gray

The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak by Wendelin Gray Book stats: Genre(s): Mystery, young adult, thriller Medium: Print Number of pages: 546 Publish date: 2015 Purchase: Amazon Trouble is brewing in the province of Ling-xiu when the murder of an elderly queen sends young Princess Bingsong into exile at a forgotten mountain villa. When a series of hauntings begins and she […]

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The Harrowing 1960-80’s Childcare System Revealed in Painful, Honest Book.

  “The book was written and designed to shed light on the abuses of the past, put the present into context, and inform the delivery of care in the future.” Snowball.. About Snowball. A well-travelled, intelligent, self-employed purveyor of life.  Snowball a former soldier and firefighter, survived the hardships, rigours and brutality of 1960-1970s childcare, […]

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