Moon Landing Intarsia

    Judy Gale Roberts’ Moon Landing Intarsia Parts of this NASA collaboration have literally achieved lunar orbit By Kaylee Schofield This article first appeared in Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine Winter 2019, Issue #77. You can subscribe to Scrolls Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine here. When you think of space missions, Moon Landing , astronauts sipping Tang—or maybe Apollo 13’s oft-quoted appeal to Houston—might come to mind. But when NASA … [Continue reading...]

The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais

The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais Book stats: Genre(s): Young adult, contemporary, romance Medium: Print Number of pages: 320 Publish date: August 13th, 2019 Purchase: Amazon - Barnes & Noble - Book Depository Moving halfway across the country to Colorado right before senior year isn’t Maya’s idea of a good time. Leaving behind Pratt School for the Deaf where she’s been a student for years only to attend a hearing school is even worse. Maya has dreams of breaking into the … [Continue reading...]

Little Lovely Things by Maureen Joyce Connolly

Little Lovely Things by Maureen Joyce Connolly Book stats: Genre(s): Contemporary, thriller, mystery Medium: Print Number of pages: 289 Publish date: April 2nd, 2019 Purchase: Amazon – Barnes & Noble – Book Depository A mother’s chance decision leads to a twist of fate that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Claire Rawlings, mother of two and medical resident, will not let the troubling signs of […]

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Winnie and Her Worries   An Anxiety Relief Toolbox for Children and their Caretakers

       Winnie & Her Worries                   An Anxiety Relief Toolbox for                                 Children and their Caretakers Reena B. Patel, MA.  LEP.   BCBA   Illustrated by:  Jared Hogue 2018 ISBN:  10:0999226266 ISBN:  13:978-0999226261 KindEye Publishing 20 pages “What’s to worry about?”  Reena Patel has written a children’s picture book entitled ‘Winnie and Her Worries  […]

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“Stepping into Trust: A Poetic Journey of Recovery” By Brenda Rausch

  Stepping   into     Trust: A Poetic Journey of Recovery   By Brenda Rausch     Raw and Relatable Recovery Journey Recited in Memoir of Poetry and Art Brenda Rausch shares her journey of recovery from alcohol addiction and emotional trauma in an inspiring collection of art, poetry, and prose     When Author […]

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