The Wayfinder A Heartland Tale   Book One

                                                                   The                 WAYFINDER                        A HEARTLAND TALE  Book One Darcy Pattison 2019 ISBN:  978-1-62944-135-1  (hardback) ISBN:  978-1-62944-136-8  (paperback) ISBN:  978-1-62944-137-5  ((ebook) Mims House 199 pages The Wayfinder A Heartland Tale is a  mind-bending story that will make you think what is real. Darcy Pattison has written 'The Wayfinder A Heartland Tale' which is Book One.  This is … [Continue reading...]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing

                                    THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO USING                                  INFLUENCER                                                                                       MARKETING       While most of the books we review here are fiction. I recently received this one and I thought it would be of interest to some of you folks out there. The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing is a … [Continue reading...]

Sharing My Story of Abuse Vicky Bedi – Author of “Whisper of Hope, Cry of Despair”

  Sharing My Story of Abuse, Vicky Bedi   Author of “Whisper of Hope, Cry of Despair”     Sitting down to write a story about the effects of abuse in the home is a daunting process. When I began the process writing my memoir, “Whisper of Hope, Cry of Despair”, I knew I had […]

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      THAT’S RIGHT FOLK’S it’s ANOTHER     BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY!!! It’s a ONE WINNER TAKES ALL GIVEAWAY this giveaway is open until Sept 1 2019 but ENTER NOW!! This time it’s a big one.Yes, one lucky winner twelve-plus prizes to help make starting school a little easier. The winner will receive everything […]

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Big Boys Cry by Charlotte Moncrieff

  For many boys today, there is a fear that expressing emotion is seen as a sign of weakness. This only becomes more evident as they move from boyhood into adolescence. This book helps parents frame emotions in a positive light, normalising the idea that all boys cry, whether they are seven years old, in […]

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