Woodstock Unlined Journal Freedom – Quiet Fox Designs

    Woodstock Unlined Journal Freedom  Woodstock is one of the most memorable times in the history of Rock'n'Roll and hippies everywhere. I was born in 1961, so I was just a little to young for this get together, but it has always drawn my interests. I have read so much about the bands and individuals who played for the thousands of peace and free - love people who crammed onto the small farm in Bethel, New York in 1969. It will always amaze me and keep me wishing I could of … [Continue reading...]

A Piglet Named Mercy

      A Piglet Named Mercy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kate DiCamillo   Illustrated by: Chris Van Dusen 2019 ISBN:  978-0-7636-7753-4 Candlewick Press 30 pages   Precious and beautiful!  Kate and Chris have created a children's picture book entitled 'A Piglet Named Mercy'.  This little piglet is so adorable and they tell and show us how Mercy finds a family with the Watson's, … [Continue reading...]

Guest Post by Tanya Fyfe

    I was asked to write a guest blog about my latest book, Secrets Abound in Missing Lake, and I’m absolutely flattered. Anybody who knows me knows I love talking about my books!     Secrets Abound in Missing Lake is the third book in a series that follows 15 year-old Luke Houser after […]

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I Am a Stranger Here Myself : a Memoir by By Debra Gwartney

       I Am a Stranger Here Myself Debra Gwartney  2017 River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize winner . “What you can learn about yourself through family history?”  Debra Gwartney has written a memoir that reads like a historical novel.  This is the story of how one family found a place to belong in the American West […]

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Crisis   The Card People 3

                                                                   Crisis                                                                                     The Card People 3 James Sulzer 2019 ISBN:  978-0-9998089-8-6 Fuze Publishing 217 pages “Amazing!”  James Sulzer has written ‘Crisis’ The Card People 3  a children’s fantasy novel that picks up right where ‘Identity Swap’ ends.  Thanks to nanotechnology and ‘nanodust’ Paul changes into something quite unbelievable, but James […]

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