The Amazing Animal Alphabet Book by Robert Hughs

alphadet book

What a fun and "Amazing" book this is. The Amazing Animal Alphabet book will appeal to kids of all ages. Very educational to start. For the younger ones it helps with the ABC's . Each page has a letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with that letter. Great for reading to preschoolers or kindergarten age kids. With each page you have a paragraph about the animal. It's just enough to keep the younger onen's interested. After the inial paragraph youhave 5 to 10 bullet point's or facts … [Continue reading...]

The girl who saved Christmas By William Thach


  I love Christmas time: everything about it!  One thing of Christmas that I love to do is to read new Christmas stories and to read Christmas stories with my five year old daughter!  Christmas is almost here! The girl who saved Christmas is a great book to add to your Christmas collection of books for your child!  I was immediately impressed when I received this book.  The book has a nice velvet cover, which makes it stand out from other books.  The story has an inspiring and … [Continue reading...]

Dropped-Off Dog ( A Mostly True “Tail”) by Catherine Lagorio Illustrated by Robert Kelly, a review


      About The Book Life is good for the Little Tiger-Striped Dog. He has food to eat, water to drink, a safe place to sleep and someone who loves him until one fateful day … His world turns upside down when he is left alone in the country to fend for himself! Dropped-Off […]

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Devil Music By Carly Orosz


      About the Book – About the Author – Prizes!!! About the prizes: Who doesn’t love prizes? You could win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards or an autographed copy of Devil Music! Here’s what you need to do… Enter the Rafflecopter contest Leave a comment on Bookroomreviews That’s it! One random […]

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Addison’s Tale’s; Fantastical stories by C.E. Addison


What’s Addison’s Tales all about? Addison’s Tales is a highly imaginative storytelling world of fantasy and adventure filled with music, animation and illustration to give modern readers a very unique entertainment experience. The songs sung by characters in the tales can be obtained as sheet music and MP3s from Here readers can also download […]

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EMBASSY : a Novel by S.Alex Martin


Interesting book! Although it is a Sci-Fi novel you don’t need to be a fan of that genre to appreciate the story or the work the author put in to this book.At the core the concept is pretty cool.A futuristic world Galaxy with many inhabited planets connected by a common coalition (think United Nations). I’m […]

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Frostbite by Julia Dweck


  Frostbite is here just in time for the upcoming winter season and holidays!  This is a cute book with a great story that will warm the hearts of any child!  Julia writes a very imaginative story with colorful pictures that bring the story so much alive!  This is the second book that I read […]

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Audio book Rentals


As you may or may not realize I read a lot of Books. Yes most I get for free in exchange for an honest review. Every so often I’ll listen to an audio book. Those I might actually have to buy if I see something I really like. What I have found is a new […]

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DIY Floral wedding Kits by


Wedding coming up? Maybe you know a bride to be. The thought of a wedding may be nice but the cost well not so much.  As far as the mother of the bride or even the bride is concerned it’s usually “Money is no object” ouch! It’s always us poor dads (and let me emphasis […]

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Simple History: A Simple Guide to World War I written and Illustrated by Daniel Turner


The Simple History series introduces kids to the history of the world in a fun and entertaining way that’s easy to understand. The latest in the series by Daniel Turner is about World War one. The Great War,The war to end all Wars (It didn’t work) .The book covers the cause of the war it […]

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The Most Ferocious of Creatures; by Chris Sykes – a Book Review


A milk soaked mouse (don’t ask) a kleptomaniac of a cat. A craZy old lady, a gang of criminally insane cats and of course Matilda (badge or woman) doesn’t really matter. It all makes for a very entertaining book.This is one of those book that if you read it too fast it could make you dizzy. […]

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Twisted Oak Amateur Detectives #1 The Phony Farkleberry by Michael Scott Miller


    A middle school reader book series.  The first mystery is a new series called the Twisted Oak Amateur Detectives.  A group of five kids play detectives to find out who stole a famous painting from an art museum.  Tyler(one of the five friends) has a mother who works in an art museum and […]

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Gobble-A Thanksgiving story (an IOS enhanced e-book found on the Apple iTunes store) By Hub Creations


Gobble!  What a cute little Thanksgiving app found in the Apple iTunes store!  This app is designed for children ages 3-8.  The app is a colorful animated app with great graphics!  This is an educational app that gives kids the history of the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims and Indians.  The app teaches the child […]

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Holiday Adventure Book Blast-$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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  This Book Blast is brought to you courtesy of Adventure Quest Books. Answer the hero’s call to adventure and enjoy more tales, legends and myths from the ancient and medieval worlds for MG and YA readers.   About the Books The Search for the Stone of Excalibur by Fiona Ingram Title: The Search for […]

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Oliguito Speaks Up by Cecilia Velástegui – A Bilingual Picture Book with Illustrations by Jade Fang


In August of 2013 Scientist announced to the world (or who ever was listening)that a new Mammal was discovered.It was discovered in the Andean Cloud Forests of Columbia and Ecuador.It was given the name Olinguito it was described as a cross between a cat and a teddy bear and a member of the Raccon family.That […]

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Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling by Emily Siskin-Toy Illustrated by Brian C.Krumm ; a book Review


  Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling has a very strong message for you parents out there. When your child is born you may sit back and dream of what they may become someday.YOU may have an Idea of how they will live their life. What they will become. As they grow to be young […]

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My Yellow Balloon by Tiffany Papageorge


A boy goes to a carnival with his parents and buys a yellow balloon.  The balloon is more than a balloon to the boy;  the boy sees the balloon as a magical and very special balloon, almost like a friend!  From the day, the boy gets the balloon,  the two are inseparable.  They play outside […]

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Zaci the Zebra Has an Adventure by Pippa Wilson


Zaci the Zebra was shy little zebra who always stayed under a tree that he was born under,  while the other animals dance and played.  Zaci’s mother thought that he would outgrow this phase and stray away from the tree and go play,  but he wouldn’t budge from the spot.  One day, Zaci’s mother strayed […]

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The House on Creep Street ; A Fright Friends Tale by the BLOOD BROTHERS


The House on Creep Street? Yeah so what about it? That old broken down house that every small town has.Haunted? Ghost?Those are just old tales told by adults to scare little kids right? Joey the boy obsessed with ghost stories and scary movies plans to get to the bottom of it. With only four days […]

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A Trip for Mrs. Claus , Book 2 in The Santa Switch Series. Win a copy of both books and $25 paypal cash


Just about one year ago I was lucky enough to receive an absolutely Enchantingly adorable book “The Santa Switch” Written by Laura Lee Scott and beautifully illustrated by Cheryl Crouthamel. Well it looks like this team did it again… but before we talk about book 2 I have to say if you missed “The Santa […]

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