Instant Stress Relief: The Instant-series


 Stress, Stress and more stress!  Good stress, bad stress;  it affects us all!  We all need to lessen our daily stresses in our lives so that we can live a happier and healthier life!   Instant Stress Relief is a another book in The Instant-Series.  This is an E-book that can be easily read in a half hour!  Instant Stress Relief defines stress and provides explanations of how stress is harmful to you and to others around you.  The book talks about causes of stress, signs of stress and … [Continue reading...]

Instant Habits: The Instant Series


  Many of us have bad habits that we would like to change,  yet struggle with breaking the bad habit and forming a new positive habit in place of the bad one.  Many of us know how to break bad habits, but getting extra guidance, wisdom and a plan can help gear us in the right direction.  Instant Habits is the book to read to gain knowledge and gives advice of how to work on breaking our bad habits!   Instant Habits is an easy to read E-Book that can be easily be read in a half … [Continue reading...]

Disney World or Bust or Get me out of this DEEP FREEZE!!!!


With most of the country in freezing temperatures, probably at least half of us are dreaming of a vacation in Florida. And more than likely, it isn’t just us adults either. Most children I know absolutely love Disney. Disney movies are a favorite in most families across America (FROZEN) And yes I do blame Queen […]

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Turbo The Flying Dog by Kelly Kennedy and Victoria Zajko Review and Giveaway


When the time came for Victoria Zajko and her Husband to get a dog they took a little trip to Dustin’s Angels dog Rescue  in West Virginia. Now you may be thinking they just hopped in the car and drove down to the Dog shelter and picked up a puppy and that was that. Nope […]

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Raising Rainbows :My Colorful Life as a Mother of Children on the Autism Spectrum by Cynthia Dixon a book on Autism Awareness

raising rainbows

              Today we have a Guest Post by Cynthia Dixon, Author of Raising Rainbows                                        Who Needs Autism Awareness ? It’s natural to overlook things that seem irrelevant to you. People […]

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The Search for the Stone of Excalibur


The Search for the Stone of Excalibur (The Chronicles of the Stone, Book 2) Since I didn’t read Fiona’s first book in the series I just had to get it . So that’s exactly what I did. I have always liked to delve into a series.As long as it keeps my interest. Does this one […]

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How to become a pro gamer

Avid Video Gamers So for In today’s age of technology – entertainment and recreational activities have changed by leaps and bounds. Playing games is no longer restricted to rugby,football or even baseball. There is a whole new trend of online gaming.The big thing is RPG. Actually Role Playing Games have been around for years.But before […]

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Send some love on Valentines day-JIB JAB

Valentine's Day Books For Children

Have you ever check these JIB JAB folks out … Very Funny stuff Text Link: Send Some Love this Valentine’s with JibJab! Add the personal touch to express your admiration. Click Here! A Little late but here’s an old post for Valentines day Are you looking for a cute and fun book to read or […]

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The Monster That Ate my Socks by A.J.Cosmo Children’s book review

sock monster

I’ve often wondered,like the rest of the civilized world where do socks go to hide. You take them off throw them in the wash and somewhere between the time you take off your dirty socks and put them back clean in your sock drawer some will most definitely be missing. Fear not folks,we have an […]

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23 Blast Movie review and DVD Giveaway


Every now and then you see a movie or read a book based on a true story.Sometimes you may find it hard to believe how these people do it.Well 23 Blast is one of those stories. If you like true sports movies that are truly inspiring you have got to like this one.A story about […]

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What to Look for in a Preschool Provider


What to Look for in a Preschool Provider If your child is between the ages of three and five, the best time to start looking for a preschool provider is now. While all preschools often seem benign in nature, there are definitely better picks than others. These are just a few things to mull over […]

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Laura Morelli’s Venice Travel Guide: A spotlight Tour & Giveaway


  Going on a trip to Italy any time Soon? If so have we got something for you.If not well,Too bad for you. BUT we still have a couple very cool books for you to browse through while dreaming of that trip you may take some day. Guest Post by Laura Morelli If you’re traveling […]

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Ready Steady Shoot: Guide to Smartphone Video Review + Giveaway

ready steady vid

Ready, Steady, Shoot: A Pro’s Guide to Smartphone Video by Roger Sherman Back in the day – a long long long time ago I had a job at Eastman Kodak as a “Striper” no not Stripper ( I kept my clothes on) but Striper. What we did was put Magnetic sound stripes on 16mm and […]

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How to Teach Children Healthy Eating Habits


  How to Teach Children Healthy Eating Habits    Teaching children healthy eating habits might seem like a challenging task. Prepared foods are undeniably tempting and delicious, but they are often packed with harmful fats and preservatives. For this reason, it’s important to teach children what to avoid and how to make substitutions. Equipping them […]

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Music Audio Stories by Busy Bees Publishing; Litter Bugs

Music Audio Stories

Once again Bookroomreviews was given the opportunity  to listen to a few Music Audio Stories from Busy Bees Publishing. Most of the stories are 5 to 10 minutes long .just enough to keep the attention of the young children listening.  As you listen along it’s very easy to imagine these little characters running along Jibber […]

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Ignite Your Book a new place to shop for ebooks


  Ignite Your Book is THE place for readers and authors to get amazing deals on fantastic eBooks! shop for ebooks or promote your own  If you’re a reader:and we know you are or you would not be here at Bookroomreviews   Ignite Your Book for readers showcases great deals on today’s top eBooks. If […]

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Picture Book Review; The Little Bear Who Wanted to Fly by Carol Shaver Illustration by Rachel Smith


The Little Bear Who Wanted to Fly is a big 14″x 11″ beautifully Illustrated Picture book. Illustrated by an Artist by the name of Rachel Smith the pictures alone make this book worth checking out.Full of cute furry animals this book will keep any child interested. Obviously as the title tells you this picture book […]

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When I grow Up I want to be a Veterinarian By WIGU Books


        Another book in the:  When I grow up I want to Be series.  In this book, Sofia wants to be a Veterinarian!  Sofia wants a pet so bad and always asks her mom but she always says no!  Sofia’s mom says that Sofia needs to know how to take of an […]

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Mary Mary Quite on Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances) By Mary HuckStep

mary mary

Raising Children is geared towards woman and mothers.  A pretty funny read that features many stories from a mother’s life and from married life.  Many woman will be able to relate to this book!  One story in the book talks about how a wife sends out her husband to get something at the store to […]

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Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy By Lisa and Michael Cohn

Bash and Lucy

  Bash and Lucy are back again in book #2 that follows Book #1: Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence.  Like the first book in this series (that was also reviewed on this was a book that was written by Duo team: Lisa and Michael Cohn.  This is a mother and son writing team.  Michael […]

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