MOMMY A to Z An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders, and Absurdities of Motherhood ; by Meredith Peters Hale


The trials and tribulations of not only Motherhood but Parenthood (us Dad's go through it too!) as seen through the eyes of Meredith Peters Hale. If you are a Mom a Dad a Grandfather or Grandmother this book is for you. The comical side of the serious business of Parenthood.The moral I guess is if you can't find the humor in this whole upbringing process it's gonna be a long hard ride... From the mind of the Author this is how it started... "It was in one of those fits of laughter that … [Continue reading...]

$200 Giveaway-Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash

Hey folks with school starting could you use a few extra bucks for that back to school shopping? How’s $200 sound? No catch just enter below by following as many of the blogs or website you want. Your choice a $200 Amazon gift card or $200 Paypal cash. Sound good? And thanks for visiting Bookroomreviews and while your hear please check out some of our reviews and comment to us what you think.We have some really great authors and books.   Welcome to the $200 September Blogger … [Continue reading...]

Tom Barrington Stylish Leather Goods and Accessories


Every now and then Bookroomreviews gets a chance to check out and review something other than Books.Although it is always something we actually use it’s usually something for the house or some sort of drink or food.But this time around I actually received something that I not only use but was going to shop for […]

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100 Children’s Books to read in a Lifetime

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From a collection of views taken from Amazon and Goodreads here are one hundred books you simply must read…   From simple picture books like “Good Night Moon” and “The Day the Crayons Quit” to  classic Dr. Seuss like “Green Eggs and Ham” or more Young Adult classics like “Little Women” or “Tom Sawyer” these […]

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Kids Academy Company apps: Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games, Educational Books, Free Songs


Learn To Read & Write Kid’ Puzzles These just look fun don’t they? Kids Academy Co. Aps are Fun, Educational,Constructive and just a great way to get your Preschooler ready to enter the world of Academics (ok so the little guys and girls are just getting ready for Kindergarten). These aps are designed for both […]

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Doing Germany by Agnieszka Paletta; A book Review

Yes She Did

Doing Germany…   No it’s not about a Hooker living in Berlin and it’s not about what the Red Army was up to in 1945. It is however about a young Lady by the name of Agnieszka Paletta and how she tries to acclimate to a life in Germany. Huh? Boring you say. Well it […]

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I Know My Dad Loves Me by Scott A.Williams a book Review

dad love me

Not quite what I expected when I received this book. I thought it would end up being a kind of “mushy”girlie type book.But once again I was wrong. Dale is a ten year old boy that as the title suggest knows his dad loves him(because in Dale’s mind Dads always love their kids). Problem is […]

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Finding Fuzzy A You Decide Tale… Book Tour

When we were asked to participate in this book blast I jumped on it,I did a review of Fuzzy a short time ago(in case you missed it) Our Review and really liked the concept and think Cat did a great job.   Title: Finding Fuzzy: A “You-Decide Tale” of a Lost Friend (Sweet T Tales) […]

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Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure; by Michael G. Munz


OMG or should I say OMM GG even better “OMMGG’S “ ( that would be Oh My Mythical Greek God’s)…( and Baskin) Mr. Micheal G. Munz  ( the author) must be one crazy Dude! Not since I read Catch 22 in high school have I read anything so ridiculously funny. When I say funny I […]

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Find Your Child’s Inner Artist–Win a $500 JC Penny gift card

Enter to win -> Shine A Spotlight on your Star! Your kid’s amazing! So give them a stage as big as their talent. Upload a picture of your kid’s self-expression with #ThatsMyKid and JCPenney might feature them on their social stage. Plus, you’ll be entered to win a $500 JCPenney gift card

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The Adventures of Captian No Beard ; A children’s adventure series by Carol P. Roman

no beard 1

  What is it about Pirate’s that captures the imagination of children.                    Swap the Decks,pump the Bilges,climb the Mast and Shiver Me Timber’s ! – Whatever it is author Carol P. Roman has created something in the Captain No Beard Stories that does indeed capture the imagination of young children. In a continuing series […]

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Guest post by Diahana Barnes author of “Mommy Summer Camp”

Diahana Barnes author of 

Mommy Summer Camp

Guest Post on Balancing It All by Diahana Barnes Balancing it all for me is all about planning and organization. As a busy mom, with a fulltime job and coaching business, I find that pre-planning and easy short cuts are critical to achieving balance. Some things I do to stay balanced an organized is writing […]

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Mommy Summer Camp By Diahana Barnes


 Mommy Day Camp is a e-book by Diahana Barnes based upon “A Mommy Day Camp” that she developed for her kids.  She developed a camp brochure with different camp activities that each cost so many “Mommy Bucks”.  Mommy bucks were earned by doing different good deeds, chores, sharing, using manners and more.  She had her […]

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Patches and Buttons By Jennifer Link


  This Children’s book is about the adventures of Buttons the bunny and Patches the dog. This book has a cute little storyline with cute and detailed illustrations that younger children will love! I would say this book is good for preschoolers up to 1st graders. Buttons is afraid of everything and especially of Patches […]

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The Beachin’ Event Summer Giveaway by Bookroomreviews


We Love ,Love,Love Summer and to celebrate we have one BEACHIN’ giveaway open from July 28 – August 11 everything from Sunblock to a Doggie life vest. All you need to do is enter below, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and of course follow us on Twitter Good luck all and while […]

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The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls By Maureen Sky


                          Do you ever wonder why your necklaces are all tangled up in a knot in your jewelry box?  Its the bling fairies at work in your jewelry box!  So you ask what’s a bling fairy?  ”Bling fairies are among rings, things and […]

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One Direction Make Up Kit by Markwins International

1 direction

That’s right ONE DIRECTION one of the biggest groups now in the music Industry would like  to announce their new Partnership with Markwins International and their new limited-edition cosmetics collection Available in the U.S. in August at these top retailers Macy’s – August 11th Stage Stores – August 25th Dillards – August 25th Beauty Brands […]

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Three Great giveaways @ Bookroomreviews Free getaway worth $3,000 or a $500 night out or a “Mommy Bag worth over $299

Thought we’d try something different here , Three great giveaways/ Just click on the images to enter…   GOOD LUCK 6 prize(s) will be awarded. The prizes to be awarded are: One of Four Getaways (Estimated Retail Value: $3,000) Runner-Up Prize: Glade Gift Basket (Estimated Retail Value: $75.00 each) PLUS Print a coupon for $1.00 […]

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Have You Seen My Tail? by Kathryn Harper

  Bookroomreviews is pleased to be part of  a Book Blast for the adorable picture book “Have You Seen My Tail?” by Kathryn Harper. About the Book Title: Have You Seen My Tail? (Katie-Jane, Book #2) | Author & Illustrator: Kathryn Harper | Publication Date: July, 2014 | Publisher: Green Cup Publishing | Pages: 36 […]

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Early Daze By Jennifer Gilby Roberts


                      This book was one of those books that caught me by surprise.  The book is written in a way that it feels like you are right there with the character, especially if you are a mother.  This is a must read for all mothers.  […]

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