When I grow Up I want to be a Veterinarian By WIGU Books


        Another book in the:  When I grow up I want to Be series.  In this book, Sofia wants to be a Veterinarian!  Sofia wants a pet so bad and always asks her mom but she always says no!  Sofia's mom says that Sofia needs to know how to take of an animal and how to be a responsible pet owner.  Mom tells Sofia that it is not the right time for them to get a pet, but tells Sofia, "Maybe someday."  One night, it is raining hard and a stray cat comes to their … [Continue reading...]

Mary Mary Quite on Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances) By Mary HuckStep

mary mary

Raising Children is geared towards woman and mothers.  A pretty funny read that features many stories from a mother's life and from married life.  Many woman will be able to relate to this book!  One story in the book talks about how a wife sends out her husband to get something at the store to get some spices from a store called "My isn't this tasty, let's have this again" store.  The wife listed all the names of the spices, exactly as they appeared on each bottle and she even included each … [Continue reading...]

Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy By Lisa and Michael Cohn

Bash and Lucy

  Bash and Lucy are back again in book #2 that follows Book #1: Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence.  Like the first book in this series (that was also reviewed on bookroomreviews.com) this was a book that was written by Duo team: Lisa and Michael Cohn.  This is a mother and son writing team.  Michael […]

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Bear Hugging and Cancer Crushing by Anna and Eric Gilcris

bear hug

“If you or someone you know has been faced with a recent cancer diagnosis, and need to tell a child in a way they will understand, you must read Bear Hugging and Cancer Crushing. Bear Hugging and Cancer Crushing is one family’s personal reflection of their experience with cancer. Rather than focus on the medical […]

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ELEMENTS for girls: A Journal for Young Girls By Mary Ellen Young and Sandra McDonnell


 A self-discovery journal for Young Girls to work on to assist them with realizing their positive self worth and positive self-esteem.  This journal has many writing prompts for girls to write about themselves and to learn about oneself.  The book asks girls to list their strengths, happy moments, things they like about oneself and much […]

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The Painted Pilgrim by Dale Ryan with Illustrations by June Orgil ; for the Dog Lover


If you are Dog Lover you will love this book! “Pellegino-Itailian for Pilgrim, and you are a traveler from a far.”  Pellegrino was his name.  An unique dog with pink fur was dropped off at the “Give me Shelter,”  an animal shelter run by a woman named Zuki.  Zuki was a kind animal lover who […]

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Affordable Fashion for the Working Woman – Take a Stand for Under $150

Calvin Klein Women's Sleeveless Paneled Sheath Dress

Guest Post By Rhys Columbus – WORKING WOMAN – Take a Stand for Under $150  The new year is upon us and as we settle back into our daily working routines we think about the unhealthy food we all indulged in, that one extra glass of champagne on NYE and the amount of money we […]

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The ORPHAN of TORUNDI by J. L. McCreedy a book Review


When author J.L.McCreedy sent me a Paperback copy of her Newest creation “The Orphan of Torundi” for review I was glad to oblige.Her first book Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hesssen I thought was a very good read and very well written. She did not disappoint. Unlike “Witches” which was geared more towards middle […]

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Would You Like Some Beatles or Some Stones? ! !


   In my recent travels through the “Twittersphere” I was surprised to see that Sir Paul McCartney recently did a duet with Kanye West. Not really all that surprising because McCartney has combined his talents with other artist before. The Shocking part of all this was that some of Kanye’s Twitter followers did not know […]

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Fraud & Fabrication ; a contemporary novel by first time author KD Forsman


Introducing KD Forsman; Debut Author of FRAUD & FABRICATION    KD Forsman releases her debut novel Fraud & Fabrication on 1 February 2015. It is already available for pre-order on Amazon . The book is the first of the Leighton Park series, about the wealthy and eccentric Leighton family, their successful horse racing empire and […]

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$100 paypal New Years giveaway

Happy New Year everyone Help Bookroomreviews welcome 2015 You have a chance to start off  the new year with $100 cash from Paypal—very simple just enter below and while you’re at it we have two more giveaways going.Check out our DVD giveaway for the movie Identical and also a chance to win a copy of […]

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THE IDENTICAL DVD Review & Giveaway!


Ok let’s just start with Ray Liotta AND Ashley Judd – not exactly lightweights in the movie industry.Along with newcomer Blake Rayne I think they carry this movie.This is a very cool movie with a very good cast.Spanning from the 30’s depression era and into the 70’s we get to see not only the birth […]

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The Gobblings by Matthue Roth Illustrated by Rohan Daniel Easton


No it’s not about Thanksgiving turkeys{that would be “Gobblers”) Poor Herbie, his new home is a space station hurdling through space at the speed of light.Being the only kid within several Star systems,whats a kid to do? Lonely and bored Herbie builds a few robot friends while his parents and the rest of the crew […]

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Breaking with Dyslexia: ADD/ADHD Aphasia Autism Stuttering Hearing & Sight Problems:a workbook by Dennis Brooks


If you’re a regular reader of Bookroomreviews I’m guessing you have a love of reading and hope to pass that along to your kids. We try to introduce good books for you and your kids to enjoy.Unfortunately reading does not come easy for some people. I never had a problem with my reading* and always […]

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The Amazing Animal Alphabet Book by Robert Hughs

alphadet book

What a fun and “Amazing” book this is. The Amazing Animal Alphabet book will appeal to kids of all ages. Very educational to start. For the younger ones it helps with the ABC’s . Each page has a letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with that letter. Great for reading to preschoolers […]

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The girl who saved Christmas By William Thach


  I love Christmas time: everything about it!  One thing of Christmas that I love to do is to read new Christmas stories and to read Christmas stories with my five year old daughter!  Christmas is almost here! The girl who saved Christmas is a great book to add to your Christmas collection of books […]

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Dropped-Off Dog ( A Mostly True “Tail”) by Catherine Lagorio Illustrated by Robert Kelly, a review


      About The Book Life is good for the Little Tiger-Striped Dog. He has food to eat, water to drink, a safe place to sleep and someone who loves him until one fateful day … His world turns upside down when he is left alone in the country to fend for himself! Dropped-Off […]

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Devil Music By Carly Orosz


      About the Book – About the Author – Prizes!!! About the prizes: Who doesn’t love prizes? You could win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards or an autographed copy of Devil Music! Here’s what you need to do… Enter the Rafflecopter contest Leave a comment on Bookroomreviews That’s it! One random […]

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Addison’s Tale’s; Fantastical stories by C.E. Addison


What’s Addison’s Tales all about? Addison’s Tales is a highly imaginative storytelling world of fantasy and adventure filled with music, animation and illustration to give modern readers a very unique entertainment experience. The songs sung by characters in the tales can be obtained as sheet music and MP3s from www.addisonstales.com. Here readers can also download […]

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EMBASSY : a Novel by S.Alex Martin


Interesting book! Although it is a Sci-Fi novel you don’t need to be a fan of that genre to appreciate the story or the work the author put in to this book.At the core the concept is pretty cool.A futuristic world Galaxy with many inhabited planets connected by a common coalition (think United Nations). I’m […]

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