That Bedsprings Guy Part 1 by Gary C. McAuley

    That Bedsprings Guy                                                         Part one                                                         Gary C. McAuley Oh, the wonders what goes through all our minds in various situations.  This is a story that is a type of detective story without being one that follows one type of formula. This is a story of a man named 'Joyce Brennan', but he doesn't go by that name and his trials and tribulations of a crime he may or may … [Continue reading...]

Stella and the Timekeepers

    Stella and the Timekeepers M. Shawn Petersen 2019 ISBN:  9781582706788  (pbk) ISBN:  9781582707136  (hbk) ISBN:  9781582707082  (ebook) Beyond Words Publishing 307 pages This is a story of pure imagination and 'Stella and the Timekeepers' written by M. Shawn Petersen shares creative ideas on how the becoming of an angel.  The main character of Stella Meriss has been through a lot during her life and her adventure continues when she is picked to learn the … [Continue reading...]

Joe’s Alamo Unsung by Lewis E. Cook

            JOE’S ALAMO                                                                                  UNSUNG Lewis E. Cook 2017 ISBN:  978-1-5320-2070-4  (SC) ISBN:  978-1-5320-2072-8  (HC) ISBN:  978-1-5320-2071-1  (e) We all see our […]

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$100 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway

Did you know that Santa shops at Best Buy? Who know? I didn’t even know there was a Best Buy at the North Pole. Do you have a tech lover in your family? Best Buy is a great place to stock up on great gifts for the technology lovers in your family. I’ve teamed up […]

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The Best Place To Find Toys, Hobbies And Board Games For Children

The Best Place To Find Toys, Hobbies     And Board Games For Children   Finding the right present for a child can often be a challenging process, especially given the wide variety of products that are available on the market. In addition, you should also be aware that taking time out of your day to […]

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