The Wish Rider

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The Wish Rider         An Interview with Barbara Casey Author of THE WISH RIDER 1. Where or how did you come up with the idea for this book and series? I was doing some research for another book when I came across information about the Voynich Manuscript, considered the most mysterious manuscript in the world. For some reason it brought back memories of an orphanage I used to pass every morning when I went to my classes at the university in Raleigh, North … [Continue reading...]

Children’s books and Their Future Influence

susanne loxton

Children’s Books and Their Future Influence By Susanne Loxton   Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend a few free hours. I remember reading many stories with my mom and siblings as a little girl. Story time is special not only because of the closeness it fosters between parent and child, but the stories within the books can help children develop into bright, confident individuals with a good understanding of the world that they live in. Here are just some of the wonderful … [Continue reading...]

Bellema Breast Pump Giveaway

Win a  Bellema Breast Pump Another great giveaway for our readership here at Bookroomreviews.Now I know there must be a few new Mommies out there. Enter to win a Bellema Professional Care Effective Double Electric Breast Pump Giveaway! Retails at $199  Bellema is committed to providing superior quality breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories to enhance mothers […]

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Top 11 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Reading

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    Top 11 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Reading By Sarah Brodoway Children of any age can be difficult and stubborn when it comes to reading. A lot of children don’t see how fun reading can be and would rather be active in their play. But it’s so beneficial to children to instill […]

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Back to School Giveaway

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   I always told my kids it’s the Hap,Hap, Happiest time of the year… They never did appreciate that 🙂 then again with that Back to School time is all that back to school shopping. It does get expensive. Yep the kids are goin’ back to school after being in the house all summer. So […]

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How to Enjoy a Baseball Game If You Are Not a Fan

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How to Enjoy a Baseball Game If You Are Not a Fan   I happen to be a HUGE Baseball fan but alas many people find it a boring and slow game.But going to a game can still be a fun family outing… The title itself will sound funny for millions of people, yet there […]

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Back To School In Style Grand Prize Giveaway

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This post contains affiliate links if clicked on I may receive a small commission to support this blog. Are you ready???   It’s back to School time.                     WooHoo ! Time to hit the mall with all that back to school shopping well here’s a little help- We’ve combined with a bunch of other Blogs […]

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Finding Winnie: the true story of the world’s most famous bear:Winnie-the-Pooh

finding winnie

“Finding Winnie: the true story of the world’s most famous bear,” by Lindsay Mattick, Sophie Blackall A Book Review by Alexandra Roth When I was in high school, we had to do a project on something Canadian that made some sort of impact in the world. I did mine on the story of Winnie-the-Pooh and […]

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Sovereignty by Anjenique Hughes: a book Review a Dystopian Novel


 Sovereignty                            by Anjenique Hughes         Writing for Young Adults                                                   By Anjenique Hughes I particularly love writing for YA, because they are the future. Young Adults can be some of the most hilarious and fun people to hang around. They are insightful. They are intriguing. They keep things real. Therefore, books written for […]

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The Stumps of Flattop Hill : Book Review , ghost stories


The Stumps of Flattop Hill                                                                              or The Curious Flower girl of the Town Down Below A Story by Kenneth Kit Lamug “They dared, declared that Florence was scared, to enter the house on Flattop Hill.” Going camping soon? Do you like cool spooky ghost stories for the Dark Night by the Campfire? Well then […]

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Book Review : Giant the Lion, the Lion who Could Swim

giant the lion

Giant the Lion, the Lion Who Could Swim Written by Artemisa Gutierrez Laurence.Illustrated by Izzy Bean. Giant the Lion, The Lion Who Could Swim is inspired by my experience of teaching children how to swim for over 25 years. I  felt compelled to write a story about a lion cub who is scared to learn […]

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Beyond the Rising Tide by Sarah Beard


New from author Sarah Beard Beyond the Rising Tide by Sarah Beard A young adult novel of a young girl consumed with guilt over the boy that died saving her, and of the boy who is there but not there…   Kai Turner was always a rebel while he was alive, and since his death, not […]

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The Founding of the United States: 1763-1815

founding of the US

The Founding of the United States: 1763-1815 by Gerry and Janet Souter   I was sitting in Barnes and Noble a while back and decided to go check out their bargain bin. What I found was a really cool book on the founding of the United States. It just so happens that the title is […]

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Eternal Mercury Blog Tour


Guest Post: Eternal Mercury, Organ Donation, and Cellular Memory When I first realized that I wanted to write a book, I knew that I wanted it to be different. Shortly after I began brainstorming for that unique idea, a car-crash scene on a mountain highway started playing in my head. Not only was I looking […]

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Pieces Like Pottery : Stories of Loss and Redemption


Pieces Like Pottery : Stories of Loss and Redemption A Collection of Short Stories by Dan Buri   The best thing about this book is the fact that it’s a collection of short stories. All very well written and they all make you think.I thoroughly enjoyed every story.After reading this awesome piece of work by […]

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Five Life-Changing Children’s Books

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Five Life-Changing Children’s Books A post by David Grover There are so many lessons that we are able to learn from Children’s Books. Even from a young age, avid readers will be able to comprehend and appreciate some of the more difficult parts of life. If we’re lucky we will run across books that will […]

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I Just Call Him Dad A guest post by Karen Foley


There are many words to describe a father. I know a lot of people have used a lot of terms to describe my father over the years. Some people use the term Hero for their fathers, and people have used the term Hero for mine. Like so many of his generation, he left the comforts […]

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Top 5 children’s books I would still read today (as a teenager)


My Name is Zoë And I would like to share  my Top 5 children’s books I would still read today (as a teenager) There are tons of children’s books out there and as a child, I loved probably 99 percent of them. But there aren’t that many children’s books that I could still read now […]

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Fresh Starts by Kimberly Krey Book Blast &$100 Giveaway

Fresh Starts: Bree’s Story;          A Companion to the Sweet Montana Bride Series                                  (Second Chances) (Volume 3) and check out the $100 Giveaway   Fresh Starts by Kimberly Krey With The loss of her parents, a not-so-recent divorce, and the disruption of her life caused by a stalker now who’s serving jail time.Bree has […]

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December Boys Book Blast

december boys

  Oceanview Publishing Has released December Boys by Joe Clifford on June 7, 2016 Jay Porter, the newest employee at NorthEastern Insurance in New Hampshire, is investigating a motor vehicle accident claim when he learns the teenager behind the wheel was arrested for minor drug possession and sentenced to a hardcore behavioral modification center. At […]

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