Act Naturally: The Beatles on Film

Before we get started let me say I love the Title of this book. “Act Naturally” I can hear Ringo now…

“They’re gonna put me in the movie’s they’re gonna make a big star out of me”

Beatles MoviesActually this book is not at all what I expected. I was expecting it to be all about the Beatles Movies. It is really much more than that. The first part of the book might not appeal to the hard-core Beatles fan. The beginning is more of a short history of earlier films like the Beach movies and progresses to British movie making. We find out quite a bit about the history off the people and workings behind these films. Who actually made these movies. The where and how the Beatles Movies came about.  It speaks a lot of the people that were involved in the making of these films. The author branches out to other films that may have been influenced by the making of A Hard Days Night, Help and the others.

The influence of the Beatles in the music industry of course is immense. From their beginning playing in Germany to the break-up. I never did think about their influence on the movie industry and this book delves into that fact. I consider myself a big Beatles fan. There is quite a few things in this book I never knew or realized. I never really thought much of how their films may have influenced other movies. Yes, this is a pretty informative book for the avid Beatle fan. It is also a great resource for a movie buff. It is loaded with all sorts of interesting facts of the movie industry.

 Act Naturally: The Beatles on Film, was published on May 15 in the U.S. and was published on July 15 in the U.K., from Backbeat/Globe Pequot/Rowman & Littlefield

“An up-close and in-depth look at the Fab Four’s five films.”—Newsday “Genuinely impressive … Matteo has a good eye for little moments, moments that humanize these gods among men, as well as ones that pay tribute to the so often criminally under-looked people involved in productions.”—Film Inquiry


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