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Welcome to book one of the new Class Heroes series by Stephen Henning. This first book in Stephen’s new series introduces us to Samantha (Sam) and James Blake. Two not so very ordinary 14 year old teens. Since I read it on a Nook I can’t really call it a page turner,I guess I’ll go with a “Page Slider”.
A very cool twist on the whole super heroes genre the story starts out with fourteen year old Samantha Blake sitting on the school bus just trying to relax and block out the “noise” coming from the loud mouth bully in the back and the boy in front of her with the Crush.While her twin brother James is trying to mind his own Business and just listen to some tunes with his earbuds in. Alas there is no peace to be found. Through the “special” connection the twins seem to have James senses Sis could use some help.(This could very well be the most important part of the story) So he gets up and walks to the back of the bus…

A class apartYou’ll get no Spoilers from me.The book is full of interesting characters, the good guys of course Sam and James the bad Guys Emma and Anika the evil Lolly (the hot one ) at least James thinks so.The sexy news woman working for  24/7 NEWS , The Doctors. Oh did I mention it all takes place in a Hospital?

I do think the most interesting one of all may be old Grandad who we don’t even meet until the very end of the book.C’mon Gramps tell us what you know.

I think teens will love this book , lots of action , the fact that the real heroes are Teens.The author seems to have a knack for capturing the essence of the teen spirit.He takes us through a fast moving story and makes you care about the characters and also makes you wonder about the mystery of it all. Who’s behind this madness? What does Dad really know about  Sam and James abilities. Of course this is just the beginning. The first book in the series. And oh that Grandad with his “Bring it on ” at the end. Don’t be messin’ with his Family.

I Can’t make it much clearer -This is a must read I thoroughly enjoyed it  you will too if you are a fan of books about special abilities, Science fiction or just cool kids. —–>    Buy A Class Apart

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