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About Bookroomreviews Hi!  My name is Sarah and thanks for visiting!  I am married with a beautiful four year old daughter.  I live in Rochester, New York.  Rochester is a city where you get all the crazy weather that consists of snow in the spring and sunshine and sixty degree weather in the winter!  Rochester is known for the lilac festival, apples,  George Eastman, great healthcare, schools and Universities!

I have a bachelors in social work and minor in psychology!  I work as a Medicaid Service Coordinator, working with kids and adults with developmental disabilities!  My interests include spending time with my family, music, many different arts and craft projects including scrapbooking, rubber stamping, different craft projects with my daughter, gardening and shopping!  I am also Catholic and involved in my faith! I have a love for books and reading!  I could be found sipping a latte, while browsing a bookshop looking for interesting and good books!  I read a variety of books and look forward to writing reviews on many different books for this site!  Feel free to send us a copy of a book to review and we will post it to this site!




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I read every comment, so don’t be shy.   I want you to know you can trust that we write honest reviews and hope that they are helpful for you.   Take care and don’t forget to subscribe, just scroll over to the right in the sidebar.

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About the website, You will find tons of family resources, product recommendations and reviews on this site as well as great giveaways and coupons.   Let me share some basics with you to help you find what you are looking for. Contact me anytime.

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Sarah and Chuck Romano

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