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After the Evil (A Jake Roberts Novel) (Volume 1) Book Review

Let me start out by saying this book is a lot different than the books we usually review on Bookroomrviews Definitely not a children’s book.

After the Evil is the first in the “Jake Roberts novel” series.Originally published in 2008 with the latest of the series Book 5 just out in 2016.

I could call After the Evil a Murder Mystery except for the fact we know who the killer is from the start. With a  serial killer (nicknamed the “Who’s your Daddy killer) killing men of authority , we follow the story of homicide detective Jake Roberts through his investigation of these gruesome murders .

after the evil The character of Jake is quite complex. As he struggles with his own conscious and demons from his past that put him out of commission for a while he is forced to come back to work on this Serial killer case. Because these murders are spread across different States the FBI investigator Mika Scott is brought in on the case. Just so happens Mika and Jake have a romantic history that just adds to Jake’s difficulties.

The story is well put together and grabs you right from the start. The characters all have interesting backstories. The story is constantly moving forward with nothing to slow it down. Full of suspense,intrigue and all sorts of twists and turns  it’s one of those books you hate to put down. It’s basically from the point of view of two people. Jake as he rifles through the investigation and the Murderer that also has a very good and interesting story. When you think Serial Killer you may think of some crazy sicko killing for kicks.That is not what you see here though. Here you see this person that’s tormented from a traumatic past (not unlike Jake) and it’s easy to feel where this person is coming from and what drove them to these killings.

Like I mentioned before it’s not for kids. The murders a very graphic and there is some sex here. The language is clean but there is lots of blood and guts. I finished this one very quickly because I didn’t put it down. For anyone that enjoys a good suspenseful and exciting story this is it. It has it all Love, hate ,murder, mystery ,romance and the best part is it’s the first of a series so you can keep following Jake as long as you like. A psychological thriller at it’s best

Check it out on Amazon After The Evil by Cary Allen Stone

AFTER THE EVIL – A Jake Roberts Novel, Book 1,” is one of five books in the Jake Roberts Novels; MIND OVER MURDER, AFTER THE GOODE, and AFTER THE KILL, with the last, AFTER YOU’RE DEAD,

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