Characters   An Ancient Take on Bad Behavior by James Romm

Theophrastus' Characters: An Ancient Take on Bad Behavior

          CHARACTERS           An Ancient Take on Bad Behavior              THEOPHRASTUS James Romm & Pamela Mensch   Illustrated by:  Andre Carrilho  &  Don Quaintance 2018 ISBN:  978-0-935112-37-5 109 pages “We are all characters in this play we call life.”  A phrase that I heard in many humanities classes.  ‘Characters’ is […]

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THE WINGS OF WAR Series Blog Tour

4/15 THE WINGS OF WAR Series      A dark and gritty YA paranormal romance series                                                        By Karen Ann Hopkins   Building my Characters by  Karen Ann Hopkins     All three of my series have strong central female characters. It’s pretty easy to develop those personalities as I can pull from my own life […]

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On the Devil’s Side of Heaven by Roger Peppercorn

Roger Peppercorn

                                                 ON THE                                     DEVIL’S                                             SIDE OF         HEAVEN     Cast not others on the devil’s side of heaven, lest you be cast in with them.   In the action-packed thriller, […]

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White Sheets to Brown Babies A Memoir by Jvonne Hubbard

White Sheets to Brown Babies A Memoir Jvonne Hubbard 2018 ISBN: 0692056866 ISBN: 13: 9780692056868 195 pages White Sheets to Brown Babies is a memoir of the life of Jvonne Hubbard, a little girl who was raised to hate minorities through the indoctrination of her father, who was the Grand Dragon of a North Carolina […]

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Dragon’s Heir  The Archeologist’s Tale by Glenn Parris

                                                                     Dragon’s Heir                                                                                       The Archeologist’s Tale      Glenn Parris 2018 ISBN:  978-1-9845-4150-5   hardcover ISBN:  978-1-9845-4151-2   softcover ISBN:  978-1-9845-4149-9   ebook 413 pages “What would you do when aliens arrive?”  Glenn Parris has written a science fiction/fantasy novel for all who enjoy this genre.  ‘Dragon’s Heir The Archeologist’s Tale’ tells the story of […]

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