American Sycamore A Novel


Charles Kenney

A moving novel about the devotions of friendship and the power of love to heal, American Sycamore celebrates the American experiment and the importance of giving a damn.


This is a novel for adults of a certain generation that will have you thinking about your own health and well-being along with your education and social beliefs. This is the story of Rob and Mary and their friend Ray. They are law professors at the undergraduate and graduate levels and Ray being a doctor. They were people that were coming of age during the 1960’s and 1970’s and wondering what was happening around them socially, politically, economically and even religiously. One day Rob gets some bad health news and he becomes quite introspective of how he lives and lived and learning how to live now with all that he has learned from the past events that he, Mary and Ray have witnessed and participated in and is still affecting them one way or another.

‘American Sycamore’ a novel written by Charles Kenney is a book full of emotion about family and dealing with grief of all kinds. It is also a book of trying to find the truth behind the various activities that we humans at times overlook. The constant idea I really liked about the story is of Rob and Mary and how they enjoyed nature and ‘sycamore tree’ that stood guard in their yard and even in winter this tree gave him and her hope that they can withstand whatever happens.

AMERICAN SYCAMORE celebrates what ennobles and buoys us—always welcome, but especially so in these mad times. The novel will appeal to readers of literary fiction and upmarket commercial fiction including character-driven mysteries. This is a novel for readers drawn to complex characters facing life’s challenges with grace and the power of shared love and friendship. It is a story that unfolds on several different levels with surprising twists and turns and, ultimately, a mystery at the heart of the matter.


ISBN: 978-1-956763-98-0

Arcade Publishing

278 pages

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