Nostalgia is Heartless

          Book two of the Heartless Series

By Sarah Lahey


Questions will be answered in some ways.  Sarah Lahey has written ‘Nostalgia Is Heartless’ Book Two of The Heartless Series.  This is a sequel that picks up right where Book One ends.  Quinn has made many decisions on what it means to be human and it seems at all costs.  Quinn and her friends find a way to work together to find answers that could help all who are involved and how to improve what is going on now and in the near future.

Sarah once again shows and tells this story in a very illustrative way, as in the scene with her father and friends when in the cave and the in the vehicle they were using, as well as describing the scenery throughout this book and the previous book.  Again, this is also a good book for the social sciences students to try and find an answer to some impossible question like ‘Well AI (artificial intelligence) take over or will humans find a way to work with various forms of AI as Quinn does with her (meerkat).

I cannot wait for the next part if there is one to this story.  This is also a real page turner to enjoy and ‘Nostalgia Is Heartless’ is definitely one to help one to make their own decisions for their own future.

Earth, 2050. Pregnant, unemployed, and living back home with her father, climate scientist Quinn Buyers wonders how she got to this point in her life. Her famous scientist mother is mysteriously missing, the planet is at risk from a massive solar storm, the Transhumans want to take a colony to Titan, and her assisted living companion, a robotic meerkat, is showing clear signs of anxiety and depression. But her biggest challenge is her partner. How can she reconcile her long-distance relationship with this reserved, enigmatic cyborg?

The sequel to Sarah Lahey’s debut novel and the second book in the Heartless Series, Nostalgia is Heartless delves into the world of near future, exploring a society on the brink of climate catastrophe. This time, Quinn’s adventures take her across the globe to Antarctica . . . where it rains all day, every day. Readers will delight in following Quinn’s journey as she races to save her family, her planet, and—hopefully—her love life.

Nostalgia Is Heartless: The Heartless Series, Book Two (The Heartless, 2)

Sarah Lahey
ISBN:  978-1-64742-209-7
323 pages

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