Yeah! Kindle and Nook in a Price War

Barnes & Noble Nook
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Great news book readers. The two major e-readers have finally gone down in price. If you were waiting, like me, to buy a Kindle or Nook then now is the time. on Monday slashed the price of its Kindle e-book reading device to $189 just hours after Barnes & Noble cut the price of its competing Nook e-reader to as low as $149.   “We’ve got a price war going on,” says Rob Enderle, tech industry analyst at The Enderle Group.   The primary beneficiaries: avid book readers who were wavering about going digital with their summer reading.   Early Monday, Barnes & Noble cut the in-store price for its original Nook, which has both 3G and Wi-Fi, from $259 to $199.   That was not surprising, considering lower-than-expected sales of the device, says Enderle.

The book retailer also announced a $149 price for a Nook with just Wi-Fi purchased online.   Amazon quickly followed Barnes & Noble’s lead by dropping the price of the Kindle from $259 to $189.   Amazon asked for $399 when it launched the Kindle in 2007. Do you think you will now break down and buy one?   Which one?   I am going to do a little more research and I will let you know when I decide.


  1. The kindle is great just because it is easier to shop on amazon then it is barnes and noble. I found the touch screen to be alittle distracting because it was so bright (on the nook). They are hard to choose from, but I have to say Sony isn’t even in the running as far as purchasing an ereader for our family would go.

  2. Natoma Houston says:

    I’m with you! I desperately want an ereader but I have no idea which one! Would love to read a comparison with prices and features!

  3. Can’t wait to see what you decide! I’d love to get one too.

  4. I’d love a Nook, mostly because I’m a huge B & N fan…but the closest one is 4 hours away. So, it’s probably not too smart for me to get one. I’m definitely going to look into the Kindle though!

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