A Heartland Tale 

                        Book Two

Darcy Pattison
ISBN:  978-1-62944-124-5   (ebook)
Mims House
229 pages
Another great trip to the Heartland.  Darcy Pattison has written Book Two of The Heartland Tale series’The Falconer’.  This is the story of Winchal Eldras’s granddaughter and her power of finding and her search for a very special item.  A story of Britt and her special friend Tatty Mog, a gryfalcon, which it seems to be illegal to have as a pet.
a Heartland TaleDarcy Pattison shows rather than tells the various movements of the characters journeys through the various descriptions of them and the settings that they take place.  You can see how things change right before your eyes.  Darcy also as in the first book uses descriptions to show and tell what is happening in the story. As in the use of the invisible character that can take the shape of anything as Britt finds out when she covers herself with a furry type cape.  Britt also has a way of talking to make herself understood with the animals of the story using English and not the others language.
‘The Falconer’ is a another good book to use in an upper elementary and/or middle school classroom to improve discussion and communication skills as Britt did in the story in some fashion.  We all have some special skill as Britt and Winchal we just have to find a way to find them and use them in the right way.  A story of good over evil as both these characters show us.

Book Summary

Britt’s only goal is to become a falconer.
She steals a gyrfalcon egg in hopes of raising a chick.
But the fierce Zendi, who’ve conquered the Heartland, appear on her doorstep.
She’s pulled into their conflict.

Their prophecies warn of a Wayfinder and a Bell.
She’s just an apprentice Wayfinder.
But she’s the only one who has a Finding for the missing Bell.

Can Britt and her falcon journey together across the Heartland, Find the Bell and save her people?

This is the story of a falconer, a courageous girl who strides out of the north country and into legend.


About the Author

Storyteller, writing teacher, Queen of Revisions, children’s book author and founder of Mims House publisher, Darcy Pattison has recently been motivated by zombies (which helped her meet a goal of running a 5K) and chocolate (which keeps her young). Always active, before her tenth birthday, she (almost) climbed the Continental Divide, turning back at the last 20 yards because it was too steep and great climbing shoes hadn’t been invented yet. This year, she biked in Poland and hiked the Rockies (her first 14-er! Made it to 13.). On her bucket list is kayaking the Napali Coast, eating curry in Bombay, and catching a glimpse of a puma in South America.

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