A HEARTLAND TALE 

Book One Darcy Pattison
ISBN:  978-1-62944-135-1  (hardback)
ISBN:  978-1-62944-136-8  (paperback)
ISBN:  978-1-62944-137-5  ((ebook)
Mims House
199 pages
The Wayfinder A Heartland Tale is a  mind-bending story that will make you think what is real. Darcy Pattison has written ‘The Wayfinder A Heartland Tale’ which is Book One.  This is the tale of Winchal The WayfinderEldras and his special talent that he lost and how he learns to improve himself.  This is a first book about a group or culture of people who have a special sense of ‘finding’.  Winchal Eldras must make a journey to help his countrymen overcome disaster.
Darcy Pattison has written a story that I find is somewhat related, but isn’t to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and other similar stories of this genre.  Darcy has written a story full of description as on pages 118-119 and the scenes when the characters were dealing with the ‘tatzelwurm’.  The chapters were short and made for a real page turner that could be read in one sitting or can be savored in a few sittings.  Darcy is an author who can tell a story and come up with something new for this area of writing literature.  The characters and setting will become real to the reader as they read the book and feel like they are a part of the story.  A good book for upper elementary and middle school teachers and students to have a group discussion and to be able to compare and contrast between other works in this genre.  A classroom teacher could also have students drama play some of the scenes for small group or maybe even have the small groups write reviews of the book

This riveting fantasy combines the intriguing abilities to Find what’s missing with pulse-pounding suspense.A great loss has frozen Win’s heart.

He cares for nothing.But a plague is spreading like wildfire across the Heartland.

Win needs to use his Wayfinding skills to descend into the great Rift, for beyond it lies the Well of Life. Only its waters will heal the plague.

No one has ever returned from a journey into the Rift.

But the Heartland depends on him. Can he put his loss behind him and fight for the Heartland?

‘The Wayfinder’ is a story that is physical and emotional for the reader will feel what the characters feel as Win makes his journey.

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