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This is a cute little book, which is part of the When I grow Up, I want to be…series by Wigu publishing.  This  book and this series is unique as you don’t see many children books out there today that teaches kids about different careers.  Many kids are curious about different professions and begin to think about what they would like to be when they grow up.

In this book..Carlee has always wanted to be a teacher..until her mom is hired as a teacher at her school.  This book also teaches kids the importance of self esteem and how peer pressure influences one.  Throughout the story, Carlee worries that her mom will do something to embarrass her at school.  She is worried throughout the story that her friends and the other kids at school will tease her because her mom is teaching at her school in the same grade level as her.  The question is-do the kids actually tease her and think Carlee  is a geek because her mom is a teacher or are all these thoughts just in her head?   After Carlee’s mom starts teaching, she vows that she will never be a teacher, therefore she begins thinking about the many different careers that she could do with each subject in school.  I love how this book included many different facts and examples of different historical people in that career.

I was very impressed with this book.  The pictures and illustrations in the book also featured many different historical people such as Martin Luther King and pictures of different careers.  Kids will also learn how they can use that particular school subject in life.  Many kids today are affected by their self concept/self esteem and with peer pressure.  Wigu Publishing does a good job in showing the reader that it is important that you don’t worry how others see you and that you don’t let other kids influence your choices and goals in life.

So the question is…are the other kids thinking negative things about Carlee and is she teased or does Carlee just have a bunch of untrue negative thoughts in her head?  Does Carlee change her mind and decide in the end that she will become a teacher?  You will have to read and find out!

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