We have here three very different children’s books . From a new publisher by the name MAGINK Books. To hear them say it , I think they might have a “Peter Pan Complex”

They say on their websiteThey are a group of creative grown-up kids who never wanted to grow up and so they didn’t. ”

Based in Germany but available everywhere.Their books look to be very well made. All nice hardcover and very well illustrated. Bookroomreviews was lucky enough to receive three titles.












Magink Books


Each one of these books has their own distinct message that children can learn from.Each can be interpreted differently I suppose. It all depend on your perspective.

Great as a Button

I see Great as a Button kind of like the Forest Gump quote “Life is like a Box of Chocolates,You never know what your gonna get”. You see it teaches us that you are who you are. You may at times feel insecure or hopeless.You may not know where you will end up in life. There is no reason to put yourself down or belittle yourself. There is more to you than even you realize. For a short 34 page Picture book it has a lot to say.I think most children will “Get It”


Hapy New Year” has another great message that maybe should be read at the United Nations. In very simple terms it shows how a simple disagreement can escalate into something ridiculously dangerous.

Sometimes when children look to adults they see things that are the complete opposite of what those same adults try to teach. If you try to teach self control or to treat others nice then maybe teach by doing. Children will look to emulate the adults.If they see hate and violence that is what they learn. Magink Books may be on to something here. Simple and colorful little picture books with powerful messages.


Do Not mess with the Circle of Life  is just a little DARK. It starts off quite gruesome. Ribou who I think is a frog see’s his favorite Uncle get eaten by a big snake. Which make Ribou ask (to no one in particular)”Why must anyone ever have to die?”

So like the title of the book says Do not mess with the circle of life. Unfortunately Ribou tried to do just that. He and his friends tried to do something about it. Of course things did not work out as wonderful as he thought they would.

What’s that? Another Life lesson form the people at Magink Books. Yes with this book children can learn a little bit about why things are the way they are.Yes everyone dies.People,animals,your pets. And this Colorful book might help kids to understand..

MAGINK Means Magic Plus Ordinary Letters of the Alphabet

MAGINK Publishing House offers the most interesting, creative, and colorful books for children all over the world. MAGINK books was established in Germany in 2019. They plan to have 25 stories soon.

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