The Big Brass Band By Pam Bonsper and Pictures by Jessica Ziegler - Book Room Reviews

The Big Brass Band By Pam Bonsper and Pictures by Jessica Ziegler

cover_img-300x300  If you are in a Marching Band, what type of instrument would you play?  Where would you play?  The little boy in the book watches a Marching Band with his mother and tells her that he would like to play in a Marching   Band.  Mom asks:  “What would you play if you could only pick one instrument?”  Mom asks:, “Where would you play?”  He thinks and formulates his answer of a choice of an instrument as he sees and hears each instrument in The Big Brass Band! The book is written beautifully with much descriptive language and adjectives that describes the different sounds, instruments and sights of The Big Brass Band.  The pictures are great: drawn with detail and realism that make the story come to life!   A book to teach kids about music, instruments and assist them with developing an appreciation to it.   Read this book with your son or child and you may find that your child wants to join a Marching Band or The Big Brass Band!

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