What a fun and “Amazing” book this is. The Amazing Animal Alphabet book will appeal to kids of all ages. Very educational to start. For the younger ones it helps with the ABC’s . Each page has a letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with that letter. Great for reading to preschoolers or kindergarten age kids. With each page you have a paragraph about the animal. It’s just enough to keep the younger onen’s interested. After the inial paragraph youhave 5 to 10 bullet point’s or facts about the history or maybe characteristics of the animal.Great for older kids interested in learning and reading about the different species inhabiting our planet. alphadet book

On top of it all is the “Amazing” maze art. There is a very good picture of each animal that is actually a maze for the kids to work their way though.

Microsoft Surface Book 3

Got a road trip coming up? Get this book. It will keep them busy for hours. They might even learn a few things. Also impressive is the glossary at the end of the book (and where else would it be?) Do you know what an Apex Predator is? I do cause’ I read the book!

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