Bayou Whispers

                                    R.B. Wood

Louisiana, but in particular the bayous of the state and the many secrets that are well hidden except if you know where to look for them. The main character of Jeannine LaRue and her living with her past and her present with the help of her friend Curtis Jones she will begin to deal with her nightmares, and learn to live life with what her family history has dealt her for her whole life.  R.B. Bayou WhispersWood has written ‘Bayou Whispers’ using very illustrative vocabulary that it makes the reader feel as if the reader was actually in New Orleans and the bayou for you could feel the humidity and start remembering the various storms and what they can bring with them.  

The cover art gives the reader chills just by seeing and using the colors blues and greens along with the skulls in the bottom corners that seem buried in the seaweed along with the whitecaps of dark waters.  You can also feel this way when you see what is left of an old building be taken over by nature and disappearing.  Even with the title ‘Bayou Whispers’ drawn or written as riffs of wind and smoke to show that the reader could or will see and feel some terror that the various characters living and dead will feel.  ‘Bayou Whispers’ would be a great example for an ‘American literature’ course with a unit on horror/thriller and even psychological drama.

Bayou Whispers, is the latest thriller from horror writer R.B. Wood, is the story of no-nonsense New Orleans native, Jeannine LaRue, the sole survivor of her family after the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of the storm, she believed she’d been saved, but soon found herself held hostage and sexually exploited, rescued months later by sheriff’s deputy Curtis Jones.

Twelve years after Katrina, Jeannine is a new attorney who returns to New Orleans to save her old friend Curtis Jones—now a local thief and trafficker of stolen goods—after he is arrested for the murder of Jeannine’s captors, whose bodies have recently been found. But Jeannine discovers more than she bargained for when she uncovers a family history of dark voodoo magic and an unholy alliance with an ancient evil Haitian god.

ISBN:  978-1-63752-990-4
Crystal Lake Publishing
256 pages


About R.B. Wood

R. B. Wood is a recent MFA graduate of Emerson College and a writer of speculative and dark thrillers. Mr. Wood recently has appeared in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Shallow Water’s anthology, as well as online via SickLit Magazine &, and in the award-winning anthology “Offbeat: Nine Spins on Song” from Wicked ink Books.  Along with his writing passion, R. B. is the host of The Word Count Podcast–a show of original flash fiction

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