A Penguin’s Quest

                      Scott McDermott   Illustrated: Christine Anderson

 What does a penguin do when confronted with a wish?  ‘A Penguin’s Quest’ is a picture book written by Scott McDermott and artistically drawn by Christine Anderson is all about a little penguin named Ingrid who had a wish to do something that penguins do not usually do in their lives.  Ingrid has many adventures in this children’s picture book.  Scott and Christine has created a picture book that teaches readers social studies, science and geography, as well as creativity and language.  Scott has written this book to create interest in learning new things and new ideas.  Christine has drawn pictures that are drawn using vivid and realistic images that really look like photographs.  My favorite pictures were the ones with the ski jump and when Ingrid and friends were working on a project.  ‘A Penguin’s Quest’ is also a story of making friends and learning more about oneself and seeing how to make various changes in how we do things.

Young readers can take a journey with Ingrid the penguin as she ventures from her home in Antarctica in search of a mythic place where it’s said a penguin can learn to fly in the enthralling children’s tale, A Penguin’s Quest.

Ingrid’s story begins as she heeds advice from some seriously lost NYC pigeons and sets out determined to accomplish something that no other penguin has ever done. A globe-trotting, epic journey ensues, with a cast of colorful characters that includes sea captains, Penn Station rats, a trip inside the NYC pigeon underworld and a ski instructor named Klaus. The mystery of Ingrid’s destination holds the answers as this intrepid penguin is on the verge of a discovery that could rock the penguin world.

Author Scott McDermott grew up in Switzerland, backpacked through the American West, and trekked the Himalayas before spending the last 25 years as a commercial photographer and filmmaker in New York City. He has photographed many of the most influential figures in Hollywood, the music industry, business and government, along with directing a feature film and many commercials. McDermott recently started writing children’s fiction, inspired by the stories he made up to tell his own children. He is also learning to play bass guitar, primarily to back up his son on guitar.

Illustrator Christine Anderson is a Senior level Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She received a BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration from Drake University and has worked in commercial design for over 20 years. Though she had a successful career as a muralist and furniture designer, as well as being commissioned by corporations such as Learnin’ Tree, American Express, Hobby Lobby, Trader Joe’s, Michaels’s, QT Fabrics and Boston International, Anderson longed for her drawing board. She decided to refocus and get back to her true love, illustrating, with children’s books being part of her journey.

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