Calming the Drama
                           and Taking Control of Your Parenting Journey
Casey O’Roarty, M.Ed
Alignment Publications

Joyful Courage

is about showing up, grateful for the opportunity to practice being our best selves, even when it is hard to do. The author’s mission is to work with parents in a way that broadens their perspective on parenting, behavior and this lifelong journey we are all walking together; to offer a space for parents to clarify and explore what it means to live and love from their center.

‘Joyful Courage’ is a parental textbook written by Casey O’Roarty that shows and tells parents how to discipline their children and not blow their tops at every little thing.  Just as we all think we are a kid person (a person who likes helping kids in some way) Joyful Couragethere are times when it seems that no one is listening and we need help to do so in one way or another.  Parents and really everyone if able must learn how to meet the challenge of raising and caring for kids.  This is a book that hopefully will teach us all about trusting ourselves.

Casey calls all the issues that we have in raising children and dealing with how to discipline is called the ’emotional freight train’.  Casey has included short letters from other mom’s and how they have been helped in their various issues of discipline and how reading ‘Joyful Courage’ can help other parents and caregivers.  This book will help with the challenges that parents encounter day to day.  It is really all about how parents and caregivers respond to what is going on with the child.  Control is not everything when learning to work with children.  Parents should try to see the big picture.
‘Joyful Courage’ would be a good book for Early childhood and even Elementary Education students and professionals to learn and review a few discipline techniques as well as a good book for parents to read, so that everyone can be on the same page and work as a team.  It is also a book that will allow readers to make connections and stay engaged with other parents, teachers, caregivers and the children they all care for one way or another. For more on books on the subject

About the Author

Casey O’Roarty M. Ed is a Positive Discipline Trainer and Parent Coach. She hosts the popular parenting podcast Joyful Courage. For the last 20 years, Casey has worked with families as an educator and coach to broaden perspectives on parenthood, behavior and relationships between parents and children. She is a ICF Certified Life Coach and holds a Masters in Education from University of Washington. Follow Casey on Facebook @JoyfulCourage, Instagram @joyful_courage or at

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