Chicken Fat 

    A Sing-along book

 A fun sing-a-long exercise book for kids! Ages 2-8. Based on the famous ” Chicken Fat” song from the 1960’s, commissioned by JFK.

Written by: Scott Drayer   Illustrated by Matt Huson
ISBN:  9781727768022
34 pages
I remember this well from elementary school days myself.  ‘Chicken Fat’ written by Scott Drayer and illustrated by Matt Huson has brought back to me a memory of elementary school Physical education and the start of the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge that was started also back then.  This is Chicken Fata book all about increasing knowledge of movement education and health.  In teaching young children and school age students this is a very important aspect of learning how to care for our bodies.  ‘Chicken Fat’ is a book just right to do this for kids in the classrooms as it is for the teachers as well to do in the gym or the regular classroom.  Chicken Fat is a good book to see how the students can also follow oral directions with all the repetitive words can also help with basic reading skills used throughout the songbook.
There were and are various articles from newspapers and letters from teachers and students expressing that they remember and want to become members of the ‘Chicken Fat Club’.  The teachers are eager to share this exercise songbook with their classes they teach.  There were even notes from students in their own handwriting wanting to join the club.  This is a book that does inspire and speaks for the emotional, ethics and the character development of children and families as Diana H. Green says, ‘Chicken Fat is entertaining, developmentally sound and intellectually and creatively stimulating  and that demonstrates positive modeling behaviors.  From the New York Woman they stated there was a brief history lesson with a  question and answer session about the importance of exercise for the kids and the parents, who all like the book.  Also, from The Boston Sunday Globe (1996) it’s a great tool for teachers of day care, preschool through elementary school and a big help for teachers who want to give the children physical exercise, but don’t want to get sweaty and dirty themselves as well as showing that even home schooling groups may also find the book helpful as well.
   All in all the ‘Chicken Fat’ book is a very colorful book. A fun book to read for the artwork of the leader on the cover. It teaches all movements along with lessons on some of body systems like the respiratory, circulatory, muscular and even the skeletal systems.  It is also a book that is one to teach better listening skills, so that students follow oral directions.  This is a sing-along book for all involved in working and living with kids.Check it out on AMAZON and while you’re at it please visit
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