As Liberty Frye’s B.F.F. Ginny would say “Holy Macaroni”
When you finish this book ( and yes to finish it you need to start it so I suggest you do just that) and look back at the mystical,magical not to mention whirlwind adventure two ten year old girls just went through H-o-l-y M-a-c-a-r-o-n-i . Yep I think that just about sums it up.

So who exactly is Liberty Frye ? How did she go from sitting in a tree in Baluhla Mississippi reading Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales to sitting as a prisoner in the Tower of a Medieval Castle ? Why is Ginny sifting through Goose PooP? What has Mom and Dad been protecting Libby from all  her young life? …Wait…What? Did that tree say something?????

Liberty_Frye_and_the_Cover_for_Kindle-196x300 The adventure begins when Mom gets a letter from Germany and she decides the family needs to go visit Libby’s ( Liberty) Grandparent’s . Well that’s news to Libby considering she didn’t even know her Grandparent’s existed.What follows  is a chain of event’s involving a cast of very interesting characters. Ginny of course, Uncle Frank the inventor, Buttercup a Goose, Sal ,one of the legendary “Flying Tigers” of WWII fame with his 70 year old P-40 fighter Plane. Grandmother, Wolfgang , a few not so nice of Witches and a couple of Ravens that can turn into men or is it the other way around?

How’s it sound so far? You see Libby always did feel a little different. Strange things going on around her that could never really be explained. Right from the start the story gets interesting and you don’t want to put it down.It deals with mystery, magic , a very strong friendship between two young girls and what they are willing to do for one another. Young people could learn a lot from this book and not just to watch out for mean ugly Witches.

Libby Frye is the typical young girl that gets thrust into an impossible situation. Of Course at first she doesn’t understand why this is all happening. But with the help of a few friends especially Ginny. She becomes the unexpected hero as she learns the history of her family and finds out how important she herself is in the scheme of things and just how capable she is in a pinch.

There is a bit of violence in the story it does get a little gruesome when Libby looks in a kettle that’s boiling in the Kitchen. But then what else would you expect if your dealing with an evil witch.It’s a very enjoyable book for all ages and the one spoiler you get… It’s a Happy Ending and if I had to guess there’s room for a part II.

We recommend this book – Bookroom’s Choice on Amazon

Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate by J.L. McCreedy







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