Oliver Doodle Dandy

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Todd M. Zimmermann  and Kyle Hernandez

 Oliver the Ornament is a heartwarming tale of one family’s cherished Christmas ornaments.

Oliver Doodle Dandy   ‘Oliver Doodle Dandy’ is a child’s picture book that will have you looking forward to this fun holiday and all it stands for in society as a whole.  This is the story of how two young children so intuned with their devices learns what makes this holiday so special when they make a trip to the attic for some more decorations that their parents want and need to finish decorating the house and yard. 

Todd has written this picture book with the insight of an adult as well as from a child’s viewpoint.  He shares a dedication page at the to American veterans that were fought for this country.  The story starts out with the two young children enthused with their devices. As mentioned earlier, but when their parents needed more decorations they need these two kids to go to the attic and get them, and these children both wondered why their parents were making such a fuss over this day.  These two children will learn this lesson when they reach the attic to retrieve the needed decorations in a surprising way.  These kids will learn history, literature and few other subjects as well before heading back downstairs with the decorations they were sent to get to help finish decorating the house.  These two kids learn a lesson and show how they learned a perfect lesson.

Todd has written a story that will have reader wanting to learn more about the holiday as well as learning more about the events leading up to celebrating such a great day as well as more on modern day history.  Kyle has drawn pictures that uses primary colors, but they do have a way of showing shading in a way to show the borders of each page.  Both of these artists gives the readers a lot to think about and to teach.  The character of Oliver Doodle Dandy does make you think of ‘Uncle Sam’ . It makes you want to sing or hum each of the patriotic songs at the end of the book.  This is a story book from two patriots of America.

Oliver Doodle Dandy encourages kids understanding of  national holidays such as Flag Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. The book focuses on U.S. history through the point of view of a precocious little character named Oliver and his friends. 




ISBN:  978-0-9863416-6-3
Oliver & Friends, Inc.


Oliver Doodle Dandy is a celebration of America. From the freedoms we cherish, to the opportunities we have, to the accomplishments of legendary Americans . Oliver Doodle Dandy shows that even in difficult times the American Dream is very much alive. 

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