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The Most Ferocious of Creatures; by Chris Sykes

A milk soaked mouse (don’t ask) a kleptomaniac of a cat. A craZy old lady, a gang of criminally insane cats and of course Matilda (badge or woman) doesn’t really matter. It all makes for a very entertaining book.This is one of those book that if you read it too fast it could make you dizzy. I always try to find a lesson or a moral to be learned  in a book . If there is one here I’d say it’s like the old saying goes “It’s not the size of the Mouse in the fight but the size of the fight in the Mouse” (or something like that)

If you like a book with a nice smooth storyline with the plot developing with each paragraph well um this book ain’t for you. BUT! 22610711

If you are looking for a funny , silly nonsensical book for your child or any adult with a sense of humor this is it. It’s like the author had a bit of a wandering mind as he was writing it. It’s witty and at times hilariously funny at others you’ll get a few giggles .The cast of characters seem to get sillier and sillier as you get into the book. This is Chris Sykes first book with a new one coming out soon.Some of the things you find out as you’re reading  “The Most Ferocious of Creatures ” are really quite interesting and never would have entered my mind. For example did you know…

1. Cakes cannot stand baths and showers except of course sponge cake but that goes without saying.


2. Prince Frederick the Great (PFG) of the Mouse House Cheddar was not really so great and was known in certain circles as Prince Frederick the once Great and now not so Great,PFOGNNSG for short.( Who Knew?)

and many other interesting little tidbits. This is a funny well written ,creative book and the illustrations are as great as the rest of the book.Drawn by the author himself they fit the story perfectly.Next up for Mr. Sykes is…

Time Traveling Dinos: The Pilot

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About the Author

Chris Sykes was born in York, England. Writing has always been his passion. Although it was not until a stray cat turned up on his doorstep – changing his life forever – that he actually wrote something he was happy with. His first book, The Most Ferocious of Creatures, is heavily influenced by that crazy cat. Time Travelling Dino’s: The Pilot is his second novel. Both books feature Chris’ witty writing style and his unique artwork.

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