-Unknown 9-


Book Two of the Genesis Trilogy
Layton Green

The world of Physics is a world of wonder and possibilities in solving many issues and problems that society may have to deal one way or another.  ‘Unknown 9 Revelation’ is book two of the Genesis trilogyGenesis trilogy.  Following Book one GENESIS This continues the adventures of Andie and her search with the Star Phone and her friend Dr. Corwin and his search for Ettore.


is a story of world cultures and learning from them using science (physics) and history.  In this edition of the Genesis it seems that Physics is all about solving various puzzles and Andie and Gill are learning lessons along with having faith in what Dr. Corwin taught Andie and reaching goals one way or another before their enemies.  The characters along with the reader will learn all about world travel and learning new facts of the various countries we may have heard of but can see through the eyes of the characters.  

Layton Green has written this part of the Genesis trilogy in pretty much the same way he wrote part one . He shows consistency in the story and the reader can see this for it pretty much picks up where book one left off.  He also shows how society changes from the parts dealing with Andie and Gill in the present and Dr. Corwin in the 1970’s and showing the relationship of the two stories as they were happening at the same time, and with the knowledge of Physics and what the Leap Year Society is all about could happen maybe.  In reading the story I was hoping that Andie and Gill would meet up with Dr. Corwin somehow.  Layton uses the subject of Physics in using more of terminology as on pages 261-262.  He also mentions various religions when working on the various puzzles that Andie and Gill are working on in the story. This is a well-rounded story covering many issues of society.  Layton Green’s Unknown 9  Revelation is still a story of friendship . And how various kinds of knowledge is and could be used by society at large.



The mystery, intrigue, and globetrotting suspense continue in this second installment of the Unknown 9: Genesis trilogy.

After escaping from a watery dungeon in Venice. Astrophysics PhD candidate Andromeda “Andie” Robertson and investigative reporter Cal Miller are whisked to Bologna by a member of the mysterious Leap Year Society. A deadly confrontation with the Society’s bitter rivals, the Ascendants, sends Andie and Cal on the run once again, desperate to solve the Star Phone puzzle so they can reclaim their lives and rescue their loved ones.

​Brilliantly juxtaposing a modern-day thriller with a historical search for a missing physicist, REVELATION probes ever deeper into the mounting mysteries surrounding Andie and her past.

What is the source of her strange hallucinations?

What are the true origins of the Leap Year Society and the Ascendants?

How are her mother and her mentor, Dr. James Corwin, involved?

From Italy to India . New York to Buenos Aires, Andie and Cal risk their lives to probe a secret world hidden in plain sight. Drawing closer to answers that will determine not only their own fates, but who controls a new frontier of knowledge.

From the author of the bestselling Dominic Grey novels. Genesis is a mind-bending thriller about how far two people will go for answers, and to save the ones they love.


ISBN: 978-1-9992297-9-5   print
ISBN:  978-1-9992297-8-8   ebook
Reflector Entertainment
420 pages

“The Brothers Three” by Layton Green

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