The Santa Switch

A Christmas Story by Laura Lee Scott

                    & Illustrated by Cheryl Crouthamel


What we have here is a Christmas story about J.C. — No No No not THAT J.C. and not THE Christmas story. ( Been there done that ) As Christmas stories go This one is a lot more fun and ??? ya know I tried to come up with an adjective to describe this book and I think the best I can come up with is Enchanting with a capital E. I’m not altogether sure what “Enchants” me more. The story itself or the Illustration.What I am sure of is the team of Laura Lee Scott and Cheryl Crouthamel created something big, It’s a twist on a classic story , funny,witty , colorful and very entertaining. I think what I like best is the behind the scenes happenings on each page and of course the little mouse

We all know the story of that Chubby guy in the red suit that lives up north affectionately known as Santa Claus.


There has always been those Non-Believers (and you know who you are) that always questioned the feasibility of how one man can  accomplish so much in one night let alone handle the day to day things to make such an operation work so well. Sure we all know about Mrs. Claus.You k Christmas storiesnow the jolly  Chubby old lady that stays in the kitchen baking cookies for the big guy…

HAH!  I bet you didn’t even know her name! Well let me introduce you to Jessica Claus. The woman behind the man , Lets just say  right beside him. Sure while  Santa may be the face of the operation Jessica is not only the Brains but the backbone of it all. Yeah she still bakes cookies ( for 5,000 hungry Elves) She’s the one that keeps those very same elves happily working and making toys,acts as Coach at he reindeer flying school,keeps track of the LIST, All this while she studies for her Masters in Elfology.Yes to say the least Mrs Claus has her hands full and still has time to listen to Santa talk about HIS tough day.  So with a Twinkle in HER eyes she starts to think…

This is not the Mrs Claus you thought you knew.

Read this book and you’ll discover what really goes on up north. The partnership of the Mr.and Mrs. Claus.How one could not survive without the other. Filled with poetic verse it truly is Enchanting. So when Christmas Eve rolls around and you hear  stomping hooves on your roof or the sound of  jingle bells don’t be surprised at what else you might see…Because a girl’s gotta have a little fun too! If you are searching for new Christmas Stories...

The Santa Switch
Children’s Picture Book For Ages 2 & Upjesses tears
32 Pages
8.5″ x 11″ Hardcover w/Casewrap

Published by Passion Flower Press

It’s available  here

And Check out the Charming sequel

Once again Jessica ( Mrs. Claus) has shown what kind of woman she is.It’s the day after Christmas which to say the least is a pretty busy day for the Clauses. But does that slow her down ? Does she decide to just take it easy for a few days? Nope, she’s up with the Sun busily catching up on her work on a much needed app on her computer. Next instead of starting that well deserved  Post holiday break she’s off with her Mousey sidekick  on a whirlwind trip (once again) around the globe visiting the less fortunate as she delivers a bit of her own touch of warmth to those in need. Showing to one and all the spirit of the Holiday season. To put the needs of others before your own. So only when she feels she has done all she can does Jessica join her family (In a Secret location) for a little R&R…check out the rest of the story

Written by Laura Lee Scott
& Illustrated by Cheryl Crouthamel


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