Just about four years ago I was lucky enough to receive an absolutely Enchantingly adorable bookThe Santa Switch Written by Laura Lee Scott and beautifully illustrated by Cheryl Crouthamel. Well it looks like this team did it again… but before we talk about book 2 I have to say if you missed “The Santa Switch” go get it now I can’t say enough about it -It’s destined to be a Christmas “CLASSIC”

                A Trip For Mrs. Claus



Jessica Clause

When reading a children’s book I look for four things that I think make it exceptional.

1. It should be something an adult wants to read to a child

2.I really think the pictures or illustrations should be unique and colorful. To give the child something to have fun with.

3.Obviously the story but whats more I like a book that is well written in rhyme,I just think it’s more fun for the kids’

4.I always like when the book has an underlying lesson to learn from

With the well written  rhythmic Verse the colorful and adorable illustration the team of Laura Lee Scott and Cheryl Crouthamel have once again created a very fun and compelling children’s book for the Christmas season.An extension of their first book they bring back the loving Jessica to teach the lesson of giving , generosity and selflessness.

Once again Jessica ( Mrs. Claus) has shown what kind of woman she is.It’s the day after Christmas which to say the least is a pretty busy day for the Clauses. But does that slow her down ? Does she decide to just take it easy for a few days? Nope, she’s up with the Sun busily catching up on her work on a much needed app on her computer. Next instead of starting that well jesses tearsdeserved  Post holiday break she’s off with her Mousey sidekick  on a whirlwind trip (once again) around the globe visiting the less fortunate as she delivers a bit of her own touch of warmth to those in need. Showing to one and all the spirit of the Holiday season.To put the needs of others before your own. So only when she feels she has done all she can does Jessica join her family (In a Secret location) for a little R&R…

That’s all I can tell you about the story itself. But needless to say “A Trip For Mrs. Claus” is the perfect book to read to the kiddies ( after The Santa Switch of course)leading up to the big day.It’s not just the colorful well written pages but the silly pictures themselves I think the kids will love. The kids will start to wonder what does go on up there at the North Pole when all the work is done.What do those Elves do for fun and how bout’ those Reins? Do They really Vacation in a secret location?

Part of the fun of this book is searching each page for Jess’s little Mousey friend and all the other cute little things going on in the background.The only thing I don’t like about this future Christmas Classic is  unfortunately this one is only available as an ebook for now but never fear I’m sure Passionflower Press is all over it.

So if you are searching for a Charmingly delightful and “Enchanting “tale for the Christmas Season look no further


You can Purchase A Trip For Mrs. Claus here

Also look for The Santa Switch here

About the Author:

Laura Lee Scott, is a writer and publisher with over 20 years of professional experience.

Born and raised in Edina, Minnesota, Laura Lee Scott has worked as a professional copywriter, ghostwriter, editor, publisher, and graphic designer for nearly 25 years.  Laura has authored and/or ghost-written numerous biographies Genres include children’s books, memoirs, historical fiction, poetry, short stories, ad/marketing copywriting, videoscripts, websites, and laura Lee Scotblogs. Laura is also a full-time mom of two, school-aged boys; when she’s not providing their personal shuttle service, she operates Write Life Stories and Passionflower Press, creating premium memoirs, children’s books, and more.  and children’s books, and is the author of the award-winning holiday picture book series, “The Santa Switch”, published by Passionflower Press in 2012. Her most recent creation  A Trip for Mrs. Claus is the second in The “Jessica Claus” Series She lives (Laura not Jessica)in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with her husband and two, school-aged sons. Jessica Lives up North with her Hubby and soulmate Santa.









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