Book 2 of The Shape-Shifter’s Wife

Carolyn Radmanovich
Who doesn’t believe in some sort of time travel in some ways.  Carolyn Radmanovich has written a sequel to ‘The Shape-Shifter’s Wife’ that is entitled ‘The Gypsy’s Warning’.  This is a novel that The Shape Shifters wifekeep you reading and savoring each page.  This is also a story of Heather Hayes and her time travel adventure to find her sister in her time of need.  Heather finds her own adventures of many kinds that she will have to endure throughout the story.  Heather will need to keep her sight to fully understand what is happening and why.  ‘The Gypsy’s Warning’ is a time travel romance that is more fun than romance. At least to this reader even though it is full of love and happiness between couples and even new friends.  The story seems to pick up where ‘The Shape-Shifter’s Wife‘ leaves off. 

Carolyn has written a sequel as good as the first and there will be more of Angelica and Heather and their further adventures in the 19th century.

There is one suggestion that I would like to make and that in the areas of theme and plot.  The question is ‘What could happen if Angelica and/or Heather would seem to run into a family ancestor what could happen to them.  There are some books that say one cannot have the characters change the past for it will change the future.  How will this author answer that question.  Carolyn is an author who also shows and tells and writes what she knows.  Her descriptions of the characters actions throughout the book were believable and were fabulous especially when they were dealing with Texas Jack at the beginning of the story and throughout the story till they both jumped ship.  This novel could become in my opinion a supplement for a college fiction writing course on novel writing/discussion course for the historical romance genre.  Cannot wait for the next installment a five star read.

Book Summary

In the fall of 1995, Heather learns through a mysterious letter that her sister, Angelica, time-traveled to 1849, and with nothing holding her in current day California, Heather sets out in search of Angelica. 

 When she reaches Angelica’s rancho, she learns that her sister has fled to Monterey to escape from the violence of two thugs, Joseph and Texas Jack. Her journey finds her challenged with dangerous animals and an even more dangerous romance. As she waits for a ship to take her to Monterey, she meets Dr. David Robertson and falls in love. A twentieth century independent woman, Heather learns she must face situations unfamiliar to her as a nineteenth century woman. As Heather deals with harrowing circumstances that seem to embrace her, she meets a Gypsy palm reader from San Francisco’s Chilecito District who warns her about an unexpected journey and impending danger for her and her new sweetheart. And her new odyssey begins

ISBN:  978-1-63498-885-8
Bookstand Publishing
342 pages

About Carolyn Radmanovich

Fascinated by the wild west, Carolyn Radmanovich earned a history degree from San Jose State University. After a near-drowning incident on the Russian River, she felt compelled to write her first book, The Shape-Shifter’s Wife, about an anthropologist, Angelica, who time travels to the California gold rush of 1848 and meets a handsome Frenchman. This book won the 2018 Independent Book Awards for Visionary Fiction. The sequel, The Gypsy’s Warning, focuses on the sister, Heather, who time travels to find Angelica. Carolyn’s short stories, “Tex’s Dream” and Frenchie – A Love Story,” were included inthe NCPA anthologies, Birds of a Feather and More Birds of a Feather. The California Writers Club awarded her short story, “Prod,” in the 2019 Memoir Contest. Carolyn lives in Lincoln, California with her husband and cat, Tex. 

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