A Review by Mark Graham

Carolyn Radmanovich has written a novel entitled ‘The Shape-Shifter’s Wife’. The story of a woman by the name of Alexis that learns more about her family. This is a spiritual story of Alexis and her special powers. Alexis finds a way to end a curse of years past that affected various members of her family. Also, this is a love story that causes generations to be affected from the past, present and the future.

The Shape-Shifter’s Wife will lead the reader on a time travel episode that teaches how various relationships are affected through time. This is also a novel that will resonate with people who would like to learn about various spiritual planes that allow for a skill such as shape-shifting. It is also a book that shows how to look at how we do things. There are scenes in the book where several modern ideas are used and seen in a different light. One scene was when a character was going through the pains of childbirth and one character suggests breathing exercises to help with relaxation to make the labor easier. Another scene when someone mentions about a form of anesthesia when God put Adam to sleep and take his rib to make Eve and there is a correlation in the story to both these ideas. This is a story that the present helps the past to keep the future and the changes are good.

This is a novel that I feel would be a great read for a literature course and/or humanities course where various topics like shape-shifting, time travel and other various theories that could be discussed.

The Shape-Shifter’s Wife
Carolyn Radmanovich
Published 2017
Bookstand Pubishing
ISBN: 978-1-63498-426-3

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 About the Author

While canoeing on the Russian River, the author, Carolyn Radmanovich, almost drowned. The strange dreams that followed propelled her into a life of writing. She has delved into the mysteries of shamanism, vision quests, and practices TM and a variety of Osho meditations. Carolyn has a Bachelor’s Degree in History from San Jose State University, which she has followed up with years of research about the Northern California Gold Rush of the 1840s.

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