Something Stinks! by Gail Hedrick


Something Stinks! That’s not exactly how most authors would like a review of their book to start is it?  With this one we have an exception.

We start with Emily, a bright,athletic, inquisitive, young lady just trying to get by in middle school.Something Stinks is exactly what is going on in Emily’s head.At first
she thinks the stink is only coming from what’s washed up on the banks of the Higdon River.But we soon learn as does Emily of the sad truth that Gail Hedrickthere are many things in her world that do indeed “stink”. Like the loss of her “Besty” to the new little miss country clubber.Or the way kids treat each other in school Or the Stink of the corrupt businessman that stops at nothing for the quick buck.She does how ever learn a few life lessons along the way , such as first impressions may not always be the best. Maybe give a person a chance before Judgement.
In the telling of an interesting investigative tale our Author Gail Hedrick capture’s the “feel” of middle school perfectly. She makes the subject of pollution and the importance of the environment interesting and readable to young reader. (The Lorax would be proud)
A very nice story that moves along well with interesting and believable characters.With lessons to be learned for the young reader, and what one person can accomplish if determined not to fail in the search of the truth. This is a great book for the “Middle School” age even into High School that actually teaches something while telling a fun story…


   Dead fish are washing ashore on the Higdon River, and seventh grader Emily Sanders decides to find out why. Mocked by her fellow students and abandoned by her best friend, Emily investigates farms, a golf course, and local factories. Gradually she persuades friends to help her test the waters. Their investigations lead them into trouble with the law and confrontation with the town’s most powerful citizen. Can a handful of determined seventh graders find out the true source of the stink in the Higdon River

  • Publisher: Tumblehome Learning;
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13978-0-9850008-9-9
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About the Author
Gail E. Hedrick,
Born in Lansing Michigan she studied health and physical education at Michigan State University After getting married and transferring to the University of Houston she earned her degree in Health and physical education.Now as a former Physical Education teacher she is A freelance writer, editor, proofreader and avid reader . Spurred to write herself, after her first piece sold, she was hooked. With subjects ranging from how-to’s, fitness, and etiquette to mysteries, she is read by kids and teens everywhere. She now lives in Bradenton, Florida.

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