The Scent of Something Sneaky

Emily Sanders is back.You remember her right ? The same inquisitive, young lady from Something Stinks. Well this time around Schools out and like most hard working kids she has a summer job working at a bed and Breakfast.

From the very first Paragraph of the very first chapter we learn something very interesting about her. In her words “I love figuring out smells,they intrigue”  and it goes on from there. All through the book there is an emphasis of smells and aromas and Emily is convinced of The Scent of Something Sneaky and it gets you wondering.You know there is something going on but really don’t know what until Emily’s mind starts to work.

The Scent of Something Sneaky From her first day at her new job Emily starts to notice some strange this going on and how they are related.With the investigating skills of one Lieutenant Columbo (all she needs is an old raincoat and cigar) she begins the puts the pieces together. Problem is as she’s building her case she has a hard time getting people to believe her. But she’s convinced there’s a Scent of Something Sneaky around the INN.

It’s a very fun book to read and keeps the reader interested as the mystery builds. The story geared towards the middle school age and would be very  relatable for kids this age.The characters are well written ,believable and age appropriate in their behaviors. Although the story is about solving a mystery, author Gail Hedrick once again captures the trials and tribulations what it’s like growing up as a fourteen year old girl.

Book Summary

When Accidents keep happening at Baird’s Inn ,the mountain bed & breakfast where fourteen-year-old Emily Sanders is spending her summer working with her friend Mary. A broken step, a stinky septic tank, an invasion of bees, even a fire threaten the livelihood of the innkeeper, Mary’s grandmother. Emily suspects foul play, but only when a crashed van links drugs to the inn do her friends start to help her investigate. Soon Emily, Mary, and neighbor boy Alex are over their heads in danger. This is an exciting sequel to the NSTA/CBC award winner Something Stinks!


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Born and raised in Lansing and Gun Lake, Michigan, Author  Gail Hedrick and her younger brother, Dean, developed a love of books through trips to GailHedrickthe public library. Their parents combined an active life ice skating, biking, sledding, water skiing or sailing with reading. This developed Gail’s lifelong passion for sports and curiosity about the world that was an incubator for writing. It just hadn’t hatched anything yet!

Gail studied health and physical education at Michigan State University. After her sophomore year, she took a summer job lifeguarding and teaching swimming at Sunnybrook Farm in South Haven, Michigan and her life changed forever. Gail met Mont Hedrick, from Lexington, North Carolina and that Southern boy swept her off her feet. They married and Gail transferred to the University of Houston, graduating with a degree in health and physical education and minor in speech and theater.

Gail continues to write, freelance edit and review, publish, and take writing classes. She and Mont live in Florida. To see how the boys turned out, check the photo section. Gail collects seashells and loves to travel; bringing back a shell or rock from every place she visits. She likes to walk, swim, exercise, kayak, and yes, read!

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