Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling has a very strong message for you parents out there.

When your child is born you may sit back and dream of what they may become someday.YOU may have an Idea of how they will live their life. What they will become. As they grow to be young men and women YOU may have their Destiny  all set for them.So what if that’s not what they want?

Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling is such a story. All through her young life Roxy has been told what her destiny is and will be.Her parents and Grandparent have groomed her and pounded into her head what she was born to do . Roxy knowing her interest were something altogether different from what her family wanted just went along for the ride (and hating every minute of it)

From what I can see the family was very short sighted and only saw what they wanted to see.They saw their Roxy doing what they loved.But if they paid a bit more attention and open their eyes and minds they would see the clues left by Roxy.There is also a lesson here for the kids.Open your mouth and let your wishes known.Roxy did not seem to do this.When Roxy’s true talent was shown the family seemed completely clueless that this was Roxy’s love.

This is a great book for young readers.Very bright and colorful illustrations by Brian C. Krumm and the author Emily Siskin-Toy did a good job with the story and getting the point across.The end of the book is interesting the author ask you to go back through the book and find the clues of Roxy’s true love. ( that her clueless parent obviously couldn’t find). There is also a few pages about certain historical figures mentioned on the book.

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About the Author: Emily Siskin-Toy

A U.C. Santa Cruz banana slug alum, Emily Siskin-Toy launched her writing career with posts at various film and television magazines in Los Angeles. After a break in the action to raise her daughter, Emily and her college sweetheart founded WOW! Music Studios, a successful children’s music instruction school in Mill Valley, California.

emily toyBut just like the character in her book, Emily’s true passion was something entirely different; she always dreamed of writing A children’s books. Inspiration was everywhere for Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny Is Calling. While coaching her daughter’s youth softball and basketball teams, Emily eventually came to realize that the world of sports was a passion of hers, not her daughter’s, who really wanted, of course, to be a singer. The plot of the story was right in front of her, and the surrounding details would be cultivated from her lifetime of love for the rich history of Major League Baseball and her daughter’s love of music.


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