A boy goes to a carnival with his parents and buys a yellow balloon.  The balloon is more than a balloon to the boy;  the boy sees the balloon as a magical and very special balloon, almost like a friend!  From the day, the boy gets the balloon,  the two are inseparable.  They play outside together, play inside together, eat together and sleep together.  Then one day, the yellow balloon slips off of the boy’s wrist and flies high up into the sky!  The boy is crushed!  The boy misses the balloon very much and the author describes how the boy misses the balloon a whole lot to just a very little!

This book is geared towards kids ages-4-8.  The book has a great storyline with colorful and imaginative pictures!  The book is a way to describe loss to a child or stages of grief in children’s language!  This book would be a good book for any child going through a loss in his or her life.  Parents can read this book to their child and discuss its meaning and maybe compare it to their child’s life or experience of loss at that time in their life!  Read this book today!Unknown

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