& cedar:



                                   (el sol no se tapa con un dedo)



“Smell goes into the emotional parts of the brain and the memory parts, whereas words go into thinking parts of the brain.’

 Every so often we receive a book that has such a powerful and inspiring massage you just sit for a few minutes after you close it up. Coffee & Cedar is that book.  

Being a Grandfather myself AND as a little boy having lost my own father I found myself easily relating to this story.

For such a simple book of only 39 pages Coffee and Cedar has an awful lot to say. It’s not so much as the relationship between A grandfather and Grandson. I see it more as to how the Grandfather will be remembered . How his presence in the boys life has helped make the boy into the Man he is to become.

David’s parents die when he is a boy and his Grandfather , Atun raises him. All through David’s life Atun supports him and encourages him in all David does. When David has doubts about his abilities (and he has many) Atun just sets him aside and whispers “el sol no se tapa con un dedo”.

I had to look up this saying and try to figure out what it meant. I think I have it but I do think it can be interpreted differently for different people. Roughly translated it means “you cannot cover the sun with a single finger”.

As I mention before I feel this book has a powerful message. It is about Family. It’s about Memories. About relationships and how we remember someone after they are gone. It is about how the love and caring someone receives can shape their life and who they become.

 Coffee & Cedar

is a clever title. As I see it the title refers to the memories the the characters attach to the strong aromas of the two. (I love the smell of both)

Another great part of this book are the beautiful illustrations by Mike Woodcock . Once again like so many other children’s books we have seen here these pictures bring the story to life.

So, What about that Title. COFFEE and Cedar? Well you know how certain smells can bring back memories of a certain time or person…

Coffee and Cedar is a story that both adults and children can appreciate and enjoy over and over again.This award winning book is well worth the money.

About the Author

A third-generation Florida native, DH Cermeño is the award-winning author of Rising Sunsets. In his spare time, he loves to entertain family and friends at home, enjoy a cigar over good conversation, volunteer in the community, and support local theater. DH has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Central America and especially loves visiting his extended family in the northern part of Spain. He currently resides in Winter Park, Florida. To learn more about his books, visit

About the Illustrator

Mike Woodcock is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer living in Orlando, Florida. A native of Georgia, he traveled south to Sarasota to earn his degree from the Ringling School of Art and Design and to work for the Mouse during his summers. He settled in Orlando, where he met his beautiful wife, and they now spend most of their time between chasing their two little girls everywhere their little legs will carry them and trying to draw and paint everything in between. He hopes his love for illustrations and exploring books through pictures and words will mean more to his daughters as they grow up (but not too fast). To learn more about his work, visit


→ 2020 Book Excellence Award Winner
Death and Dying Category


→ 2019 International Book Awards
Finalist, Health: Death & Dying


→ National Indie Excellence Awards
Finalist, Death & Dying and Motivational Categories (2019)


→ Independent Press Awards
Distinguished Favorite, Death and Dying category (2019)


→ Body Mind and Spirit Book Award
Winner, Death and Dying category (2019)


→ Florida Authors and Publishers Association
Gold Medal, Self-Help (2018)

→ Florida Authors and Publishers Association
Bronze Medal, Cover Design (2018)


→ Beverly Hills Book Awards
Finalist Medal, Motivational (2018)

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