Best Fitness Books for Beginners

When you are starting your fitness journey, you may first need to learn a few things. You could learn what you need to know from your trainer or the internet. However, an old-fashioned fitness book is just as likely to have tons of useful information. All you need is to find a fitness book that covers the fitness routines you are interested in. The objective of reading the book is to help you understand things better. This includes the benefits of a particular exercise, and most importantly, how to perform it properly. If you are a beginner trying to find your way into the world of fitness, here are a few fitness books that will come in handy.


The One Minute Work Out


Most of us are quite busy throughout our working weeks. As such, finding the necessary time to work out can be challenging. The author behind “The One Minute Workout” teaches you how to work out in the least time possible. The ultimate goal is to help you get the most from a short workout session. The book outlines eight workout strategies that will help achieve your fitness goals.


Ready to Run

Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally


Sometimes, running for a few miles every week is all you need to achieve your fitness objective. But how can you do it effectively? In the book” Ready to Run” by Kelly Starret, you find some fantastic insight on running for fitness. This book will help you learn about the challenges that you may encounter and how to overcome them. You will also find useful tips on the right running gear, how to avoid injuries, and so on.


Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery


When you start working out, you will struggle with rest and recovery times. A lot of people give up their fitness journey due to fatigue and sore muscles. Learning how to get over these hurdles will undoubtedly help you achieve your objectives and stay fit. “Good to Go” provides incredible insight on rest and recovery for beginners. The book is packed full of actionable nuggets. Christie Aschwanden, a top athlete and fitness journalist, authored this book to help folks stay fit. In this book, Christie lists a handful of recovery methods that will help you recover fully from your workout and accomplish more.

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A 3-Week Breathing Program to Gain Clarity, Calm, and Better Health

Valerie Moselle, a yoga teacher, is the author of “Breathwork.”

In this guide, she breaks down the importance of breathing properly throughout a workout session. Moreover, she talks about incorporating meditation into your routine as part of a mental strength exercise. Additionally, she provides a three-week practical fitness program to help you get started. This is a systematic program that’s easy to execute.


The Champions Mind

How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive

Without motivation, you could easily give up on your workout journey. “The Champion’s Mind” is a book that will keep you looking forward to the next workout session. Written by Jim Afrenow, a sports psychologist, this book takes unique approaches to fitness. The book emphasizes that fitness is not only a physical journey but also a mental one. When you read the first few pages, you will realize that this book is intended for athletes. However, it is full of wisdom that you could use in your day-to-day fitness routine. And reap tremendous benefits.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition Guide


As you embark on a fitness journey, you cannot overlook nutrition. Therefore, a fitness nutrition guide is invaluable. In the book “Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition Guide,” you will learn various ways to maintain good nutrition. What is in this book? Dietary guides, nutritional trends, public health concerns, and much more.

A good level of fitness can help you lead an extraordinary and healthy life. Read any of the books that we have listed above, and incorporate the tips into your fitness routine. By doing so, the chances are that you will achieve success in your fitness journey. Good luck!


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