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  Motivate Your Employees to do More

Employers are in a never-ending struggle to increase the efficiency of their companies, and that means improving the effectiveness of their staff, above all else. In the modern-day workplace, there are many new changes to consider, but overall, the same things that have motivated employees in the past are still useful. Here we will discuss some simple, yet valuable tricks that will drive your staff.

Show Recognition

Nothing motivates and satisfies a worker like good old-fashioned recognition. Too often workers are made to feel that they are not appreciated by their employers. Many employers think that if you are doing your job, the pay is all the reward you need, and this is not a motivational way to look at staff performance.By keeping your employees engaged and more informed with something like an employee app  they will feel important to the company and know they are appreciated.

A brief word of acknowledgment of a job well done goes a long way. Once offered praise, you will be surprised to see some workers increase performance just to secure those coveted words of acknowledgment that are so rarely uttered in some workplaces.

Utilize Food as an Incentive

Food is a time-honored motivator of man and remains at the top of the list of things that will motivate employees to do more. There are so many ways to implement a food strategy in your agenda to motivate your staff. You can have pizza parties, buy dinner for top performers, have vending machines installed in the break room, and the list goes on.

Promote Health and Fitness

With healthcare being a serious topic for workers and employees today, adding some form of health and fitness program will give your employees the feeling that you genuinely care about their overall well-being. This sentiment will likely result in a boost in overall staff morale. Let your staff know that you are concerned about employee wellness.

Use Activities to Enhance Group Dynamic

There are plenty of activities and events that you can incorporate that will boost your employee output. Starting an annual banquet and award ceremony to honor the best performers, gives workers something to look forward to and work diligently towards throughout the year.

You can also have workshops where professional speakers come in to conduct seminars designed to increase morale, and calibrate your staff for optimum performance. The applications of using activities and events in this way are limited only to your imagination.

Give Workers Autonomy

Employees are extremely annoyed by employers that micromanage and don’t give them the freedom that trusted professionals deserve. Give your employees clear guidelines, but the autonomy to determine the best solutions for the task. Assure that you have faith in their abilities, and respect their ability to meet deadlines.


When thinking of ways to motivate your staff, keep in mind their feelings. If you are not clear as to how they honestly feel, ask them for suggestions. By allowing for employee input, you help boost the morale, since they are involved in the process. There is not one set way to motivate a group of individuals. Hopefully, these tips will help you propel your group.

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