What’s that? Monetizing your Blog you say.What exactly is a Blog anyway? Well according to Wikipedia the word Blog is a truncation of the word “WEBLOG”. Yeah I had to look up Truncation too! (They took the “WE” off the word). Who THEY are I still don’t know.

monetizing your BlogOk so you thought long and hard about starting a Blog. Maybe you had something to say and wanted to spread your wisdom to the masses. Maybe you were just bored and needed something to fill your time besides TV. Do the Masses really what to hear  (read) what you have to say?

The thing about the internet is that it’s reach is massive. Somewhere the this digitally connected world there are people interested in whatever it is you are writing about. You just have to find them. Or I guess I should say they have to find you or your blog really. You may have heard the phrase “Content is King”. Meaning whatever you put in that Blog make it interesting while getting your point across. Like that voice in Kevin Costner’s corn field “If you build it they will come”.

It will probably take awhile to get THEM to come to your Blog but once they do They will most likely be back if they like what they see. It all comes back around to that Content thing .Respona.com has some great advice on how to do this. So find a theme and stick with it. Once you have found that theme and you have a faithful audience you might start thinking there could be more to this Blog scene.

Monetizing your blog

If you do build a successful blog that does bring in readers you will soon find out it is taking more and more of your time. What did you get yourself into? If this is the case you may start thinking about making it worth your while. Sure you have the satisfaction of building some you think is pretty cool. But maybe now it is time to start thinking about how to monetize your Site. No you probably won’t get rich but it helps keep the blog afloat if you can make a few bucks.

As long as you can continue to keep readers visiting. Keep it up with that content.
how to monetize my blog

This is where content comes in. You need people to be visiting your Blog so advertisers know who there are potential customers out there. You may think those advertisers only deal with the big blogs but that's not necessarily true. Paid blogging is available to Blogs with D.A. ( Domain Authority )ranks as low as 10 . You just need you know where to look. How do you contact Brands that might want to use your Blog? One thing you can do is check out Blogging Forums on places like Google Plus or Linkedin.

There are also websites that help connect you with those companies and/or brands looking for blogs to buy advertising space or sponsored post from. A good one is getblogged.net or intellifluence.com/Checking out this site is well worth your time. You’ll see how easy it can be to get started monetizing your blog.They have different opportunities based on the DA rank of your blog. So if you are serious about it ,this might be the place for you to start…

Happy Blogging!

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