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14 Books for Kids and Young Adults 

From Ulysses Press



And Off You Go to Change the World: A Preschool Graduation/First Day of Kindergarten Gift Book by Ashten Evans (Ulysses Press; $12.95) this book is a great way to celebrate the special child in your life. With charming illustrations and text to uplift and motivate, And Off You Go to Change the World is a wonderful read for parents and children alike.

Lego with Dad: Creatively Awesome Brick Projects for Parents and Kids to Build Together by Warren Nash (Rocky Nook, $24.95) c’mon say it…Lego’s are cool!


Goodnight Dorm Room: All the Advice I Wish I Got Before Going to College by Keith Riegert and Sam Kaplan (Ulysses Press; $14.95) Gift high school graduates with a bittersweet and humorous guide to college life featuring practival tips combined with funny, full color illustrations in this bestselling faux children’s book for soon-to-be freshmen.

The College Bucket List: 101 Fun, Unforgettable and Maybe Even Life-Changing Things to Do Before Graduation Day by Kourtney Jason & Darcy Pedersen (Ulysses Press; $14.95)

The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook: 10th Anniversary Edition: 180 Quick and Easy Recipes for Busy (And Broke) College Students by Andrea Lynn (Ulysses Press; $19.95)  The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook offers starving college students welcome relief from microwave mash-ups, fast food fiascos, and cold pizzas

Buddha U: 108 Mindfulness Lessons for Surviving Test Stress, Freshman 15, Friend Drama, Insane Roommates, Awkward Dates, Late Nights, Morning Lectures…and Other College Challenges by Victor M. Parachin (Ulysses Press, $14.95)


Next Move, Best Move: Transitioning into a Career You’ll Love by Kimberly B. Cummings (Wiley, $19.95)

Own Your Greatness: Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life by Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin and Dr. Richard Orbé-Austin (Ulysses Press, $15.95)

The Self-Love Workbook: A Life-Changing Guide to Boost Self-Esteem, Recognize Your Worth and Find Genuine Happiness by Dr. Shainna Ali (Ulysses Press, $15.95)

The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook: 10th Anniversary Edition: 150 Delicious Recipes Using Favorite Ingredients from the Greatest Grocery Store in the World (Unofficial Trader Joe’s Cookbooks) by Cherie Mercer Twohy (Ulysses Press, $19.95)

The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Made with Fan Favorites from the Award-Winning Grocery Store by Jeanette Hurt (Ulysses Press, $19.95)

XOXO, A Cocktail Book: An Unofficial Gossip Girl Fan Book by Bridget Thoreson (Ulysses Press, $19.95)

The Hard Seltzer Cocktail Book: 55 Unofficial Recipes for White Claw® Slushies, Truly® Mixers, and More Spiked-Seltzer Drinks by Casie Vogel (Ulysses Press, $19.95)


A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning: How to Help Your Child Thrive in an Online Environment by Dr. Felicia Durden Ed.D. (Ulysses Press, $16.95) Make kids’ virtual school experience fun and effective with this all-in-one primer designed to help busy parents make the most out of digital platforms, understand teaching strategies, and fully support your child’s education.

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