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No, I like more than saluting my friends, colleagues, and clients who are all descendants of Shakespeare and other great writers doing just what I like to do myself, inspiring others with uplifting, inspiring words in articles, blogs, and books.

Among them are Jack Alan Levine whose Addiction and Recovery Handbook has pulled so many from the brink; Mark M. Bello, whose legal thrillers you can’t put down, and Zane Carson Carruth whose adventurous Abella, the world’s first tooth fairy, entertains children worldwide, just as Laura Leone’s children’s book also inspire children and has just become an international best seller.

Inspiration from writers is something we all need more than ever, especially in these challenging times of political turmoil, racial prejudice, and homophobia, while rampant inflation eats away at savings and even our hopes for a better life.

That plus the insane enmities, addictions, depression, and despair leading so many to homelessness, suicide, and the senseless, incessant, and deadly gun violence we see broadcast every night with no end in sight.

“Take care of yourself and each other,” NBC News anchor Lester Holt signs off each night . . .  yet there is no sign of an ending to the cacophony and chaos in sight.

So, we seek to find solace, maybe answers, and even hopeful signs in the articles, blogs, and books we read, thanks to writers like the ones I know who pump faith into their paragraphs to bolster ours.

One of them is John Riddle, the Delawarean founder of I Love to Write Day.

His 37th book, “The PAC Method for Writers: How Prayer, Attitude and Confidence Can Lead You to a Successful Writing Journey” is now available on Amazon.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

In it, he shares inspirational stories and ideas to give other writers the courage and confidence to use their gift of creative communication in ways they never thought possible.

He writes how it takes Prayer, Attitude, and Confidence, or what he likes to call the ‘PAC Method for Writers.’

If you’re ready to overcome fear, doubt, and procrastination, he recommends you spend some time reading his stories, along with contributions from over 40 Christian authors and writers from around the world.  And I’ll second that!

I can’t end this deserving tribute to writers without also saluting those talents whose inspiring writing has appeared over the years in Anita Finley’s Boomer Times, unfortunately, another publication on hiatus after 33 inspiring years.

So, I salute Linda Sauget, Richard H. Lederer and Jon Derr. Also, Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince whose two volumes on THE FONDAS are simply magnificent and I congratulate their insightful and colorful portrayals of Henry, Jane, and Peter.

Also, I can’t end without a salute to writers Edgar Scott (418 I am a Teapot); Thomas Gardner (The Butler Wore Guccis; Gary Greenberg (The Beer Diet); William Steel (Sex and the Serial Killer); Peter Ticktin Esq. (What Makes Trump Tick); Larry Klayman (It Takes a Revolution); M J Schultz (The Predictor), and Guido George Lombardi (The Value Matrix 2.0).

Now a final word about something we should never do–book banning.

I close with a salute to the Stonewall National Museum Archives and Library for its new e-book program that will enable banned books, such as those about the LGBTQ+ community, to survive the wave of book banning that has swept the nation’s schools and libraries so they can remain accessible to the public.

“Stonewall continues to take on the challenges facing our community and other communities under attack by countering such undemocratic tactics as removing books from schools and libraries to keep us uninformed and unprepared,” said Robert Kesten, Executive Director, Stonewall National Museum, Archives, and Library.

Three cheers for Stonewall.  May you keep stonewalling bigotry from encroaching upon our liberties and freedom of speech.

Now as Willie would utter without a hint of Biden stutter:

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,

That I shall say good night till it is morrow.”

Tom Madden is a happy hard-working PR guy in what he calls the word factory at his PR firm, TransMedia Group where he and his resourceful daughter Adrienne Mazzone deliver and unload bushels of publicity for clients.  Madden’s latest book, WORDSHINE MAN, shows how to package and deliver writing that’s inviting, because if it’s not inviting, who in the hell’s going to read it

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