“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” ~Mark Van Doren.

Online quiz makers are one of those valuable tools that engage the students and provide them with an interactive learning platform .Teaching, being a noble profession, paves the way for almost every other profession. Today, traditional teaching practices have been substantially impacted by ongoing technological evolution. As the latest tech tools are now being used to revamp the art of teaching, modern teachers are entrusted with their finest utilization.

If you are one of those teachers who are passionate about their profession and are keen on ensuring that their knowledge is befittingly conveyed, quizzes can be your go-to analysis. Online quizzes are one of those valuable evaluation techniques that attempt to engage the students and provide them with an interactive learning platform. Not only are they able to grab a student’s attention, but they urge them to favour learning and comprehension over memorization. You might want to further look into the topics related to the sociology of students and teachers on Research Prospect.

Considering the ultimate purpose of a quiz, this article encompasses the top 10 online platforms for creating quizzes, which can be super helpful for teachers.


Proprofs quiz maker

One of the most popular tools for making interactive quizzes: ProProfs provides an impressive support feature with live chat. It allows you to drag & drop items while designing the interface.

It’s amazing quiz analytics allows you to analyse the performances of each student, instantly grade them, and issue a certificate as well. It has another unique feature of offering feedback after each question.

As it is not dedicated to educational purposes, it demands some extra effort to constitute a quiz. Along with this, it is a paid tool too.

2. Easy Test Maker

As the name suggests, it is one of the easiest quiz makers. Printable quizzes can have various types of questions including multiple-choice, match the columns, short answer, true or false and fill in the blank. Embedding these types of questions in your quiz might seem inconvenient, but with an inclusive sidebar, Easy Test Maker makes it incredibly easy.

Online access to the tests created anywhere is another advantage of this platform, making It one of the best printable quiz makers. Having said that, its inability to provide online tests is an undeniable drawback that might constrain you.

3.   Fynzo Quiz Maker:


Fynzo’s cost-effective quiz maker is an all-inclusive tool that comes along with advanced form creation, designing, and reporting features.

With Fynzo’s 500+ readymade templates, quiz creation has become easier than ever before. Simply selecting the template which best suits your quiz requirements gives you a readymade design on which you can start working instead of having to create it from scratch. 20+ question types are available with the free plan of this quiz maker. You can join the paid plan for more.

You can easily customize the results page by calculating the total score, competency points, or percentage obtained by the respondent. Sharing options are very handy too. With one click you can share your quizzes across various social media platforms, through QR codes, email, or even embed them on your website.

Its efficient reporting and analysis features help you scrutinize the results of your participants easily and compare the scores attained by them over time. Some quizzing templates that are available on Fynzo’s quiz maker are trivia, vocabulary, maths, personality, MCQ, scores, quizzes, etc. Also, these quizzes are multilingual and hence language barrier would not be an issue with Fynzo’s smart quizzing features.

Fynzo’s quizzes are extremely secure as they tend to prioritize the safety of data. Also, these quizzes work on any device of your choice and if you have any queries their customer service is available 24/7 for helping you out.

4. iSpring Quiz Maker

iSpring Quiz Makers is a tool that truly enhances the e-learning experience by providing versatile themes and styles. It also features the inclusion of media such as video, audio, images, and formulas in a question. 

Tests created in this tool can be conducted on multiple devices, including smartphones. But a watermark in a trial version makes it unappealing.

5  GoConqr

Unlike other quiz makers, GoConqr excels at having a wide online community. This helps you to interact with other teachers as well as students for some valuable feedback. It allows the fill in the blank questions to be done using a dropdown, drag & drop, or text; a simple feature that you might find useful.

It consists of crowd-sourced resources to create learning tools that can be accessed both online and offline. However, As the resources are public, their quality might be compromised.

6  Class Marker:

With a formal and simplistic interface, Class Maker tops the list as it includes multiple languages for making quizzes. It depicts a professional look as well as offers an option for creating custom certificates.

On top of this, it allows the students to resume the quiz within 20 minutes of closing their browser and gives an option to ‘save results and finish later’ as well. However, creating a set of questions seems a bit of a dry process.


As it is not dedicated to educational purposes, it demands some extra effort to constitute a quiz. Along with this, it is a paid tool too.

7 Hot Potatoes

For the people who prefer a minimalist layout, this tool provides some hybrid types of questions including crossword, multiple-choice, short-answer, gap-fill, matching/ordering, and jumbled-sentence. With a modern scoring technique. It allows the creator to allocate weights for questions. 

Hot Potatoes might give an impression of being complex at first glance, but upon looking intently, you’ll realize it’s simpler than many other options.

8 Poll Maker

Poll Maker stands out as a modern tool for making interactive quizzes because of its effortless integration with social media. Hence, you can test your students via their smartphones and may provide live results during your lecture. 

It too follows the conventional procedure of making an online quiz: add questions, set scores, publish, and evaluate when done.

However, as this tool is not really intended for education, available options are fairly one-dimensional.

9. QuizWork

A great tool for Quiz Makers for the young ones as it incorporates customizable questions with an option of educational games as well. This tool tends to be a great fusion between education and games, hence promising engagement. 

To make the interface further appealing, it provides features like adding a logo, changing colours, and background. 

QuizWorks has a unique algorithm implemented to determine the difficulty of your questions by examining the actual data of the students in real-time.

10 Help Teaching

It is another tool for making printable tests. Having a variety of content that can be filtered with respect to the grade and subject makes this tool to be among this list of top ten tools. Though one might consider abundant resources unhelpful, it’s a sigh of bliss for those who are inexperienced in this profession.

One of its major disadvantages is the limited formatting options available along. 

OK so maybe we give you 11 good sites

11 Lead Quizzes

If you are not into the idea of making your own quizzes, do not worry! This platform consists of various pre-made educational templates from vocabulary, over math, to geography and sports quizzes. All of these templates offer a well-designed interface to engage your students.

However, all of these are only accessible freely for 14 days only. Hence you might want to try them before opting for full-access.



Along with being a respectful profession, teaching is also a delicate one. With respect comes a responsibility to ensure that your student gets education through the best possible means. The above list of Quiz Makers is intended to strengthen this idea, hence opt for a tool that suits you and fulfills your motive.  

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