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The following is an overview of the Perfect Learning System, a speed reading program designed for college students that was developed by Dr. Jay Polmar.  It has been used by well over 100,000 people who heave learned to read more quickly, more effectively, thus benefiting through better school, work and leisure time performance.

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Dr. Polmar has spent over 33 years of his life teaching and developing programs to help his students read faster and perform better in school.  He built his perfect learning machine program in 1979 with the basic goal of helping college students reach their maximum potential.

According to the Perfecting Learning System website:

“His premise was simple – if all students could read quickly and accurately, the overall performance at the college level would dramatically increase across the board.  Using natural psychological processes including altered states of consciousness, hypnosis, and stress-relaxing meditation, Dr. Polmar believed that any student could reach his or her maximum potential to read, study, complete school work, and succeed and tests and in life.”

Dr. Polmar believes the Perfect Learning System is the best speed reading program and machine learning program on the market for college students and others.  He reports that with over 100,000 satisfied users, there are less than 20 total product returns with its 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your reading speed or to learn more about the “Perfect Learning System”, go to

This article is an unpaid informational overview provided by Neil, a representative of the Perfect Learning System website.

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