Nooo Make it stop!  The Jive dance by Cloris and Corky last night was just too embarrassing to put into words.  Corky, no one wants to watch an 82 year old woman doing hyper-sexual moves, but I still couldn’t stop watching, even though it was with my hands over my face.  Video below and you’ve been warned.


On a sad note, no more Maxim and Misty, who were the super couple to probably beat.  And was anyone else disturbed by the sound of her ankle popping like that?  I had no idea something like that could make such a loud noise.  Poor girl.  I hope it doesn’t affect her volleyball career.  No one else stood out for me last night and I think all the praise for Brooke Burke is a bit overdone.  Her dance was just okay for me.  It was pretty but not a wow.   But I will post it below since she was the favorite last night.  Happy Dancing!