Dancing With The Stars: Cloris Jumped The Shark

Nooo Make it stop!  The Jive dance by Cloris and Corky last night was just too embarrassing to put into words.  Corky, no one wants to watch an 82 year old woman doing hyper-sexual moves, but I still couldn’t stop watching, even though it was with my hands over my face.  Video below and you’ve been warned.


On a sad note, no more Maxim and Misty, who were the super couple to probably beat.  And was anyone else disturbed by the sound of her ankle popping like that?  I had no idea something like that could make such a loud noise.  Poor girl.  I hope it doesn’t affect her volleyball career.  No one else stood out for me last night and I think all the praise for Brooke Burke is a bit overdone.  Her dance was just okay for me.  It was pretty but not a wow.   But I will post it below since she was the favorite last night.  Happy Dancing!


  1. I’m leaning to Warren Sapp – he seems to have a great personality.

  2. LOVED the Happy Days reference, lol! Now I need to watch the video. Thanks!

  3. Is it okay to comment if I won’t watch the video? I have enough scary pictures in my mind without adding that!

    I agree with your comments about Brooke b/c I’m not blown away.

  4. Oh my gosh. It was like watching someone’s drunk grandma at a wedding reception! Actually, it was like watching MY drunk grandma at a wedding reception.

  5. Cloris is a hoot but last night was a bit much. I love Brook Burke. She seems sweet too, so I can’t hate her too much for her body after having 4 kids. OK..maybe I can.

    I don’t actively watch the show. I am usually reading with it on in the background. It’s enough for me to know what is going on.

  6. But if I can move like that when I’m 82, I’ll consider myself very fortunate. I’m exactly half her age and there’s some days I’m not sure I could do it!

  7. That is too funny! Thanks for posting this. LOL

  8. I agree, Cloris last night was nothing I wanted to watch. She was funny in the beginning but last night wasn’t funny. Poor Misty-that ankle popping was a scary sound. I was shocked that it could make a noise like that. Nobody stood out for me either although I really like the football player who’s name is escaping me right now.

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