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How’s it going out there Mom’s and Dad’s? It has already been about one month since this Covid19 lock down has closed the schools. I know this new thing we call “Social Distancing”is driving everyone a little crazy. The kids can’t go to school. The school districts are doing their best.Teachers are using things like Zoom and Google Meet. Think about all the times you have tried to limit your kids screen time. Now they have to hop on the computer,phones and ipads to virtually go to school. What happens when the lessons are over? Is there a way to keep these young minds working and interested in their school work? Well yes there is and is a lot of fun too…

For those of you out there that are looking for a fun additional tool to help with homeschooling check out 

They have a collection of online math games and educational games which can be used for homeschool teaching that help students learn math. I have used them and they are actually fun to play. The games are ranked in difficulty one a scale of one to ten. Obviously the easier math Games are for the younger kids. But I have tried a few of the higher ranked games and they are not easy.The Engineerio Physics game I couldn’t get pass level 5 and there are thirty levels! These things can really make your mind work. The more advanced games force you to think and come up with a solution.There are easy Math games here too of course that the younger kids can have fun with that are about simple beginner math.

To play these math games there is no email sign in required.They are also not loaded with annoying ads while you play. Aside from the actual Math Games has free math and science calculators to help with Algebra ,Geometry,Trig and even Calculus.

I went to this site for the Math Games thinking it could really help everyone cooped up at home while homeschooling the kids. But it is so much more.There are ways here to help Mom and Dad with Health,Business and personal finance too.But it is the Math Games that are fun and very educational.

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