The Bedtimeasnaurus

By Mike Bayliss with

Illustrations by Megan Egan

I always like a rhyming type children’s book with bright and colorful illustrations. The Bedtimeanuarus has it all. A fun little story. This is a very original idea, about a bunch of different “Asaurus’s” with silly names.You have the Greedy-asaurus that eats everything he can get his claws on,the Smelly-foot-asaurus with- well very smelly feet. Or maybe the Smiley-Dog-Asaurus with his white shiny teeth! There are many more with there silly characteristics and all will get a chuckle out of your child.

                                                        The Greedy-asaurus


As you can see the illustration’s are very well done. Illustrator Megan Egan has done a very good job here. Ther’s nothing like silly colorful pages to keeps kids giggling (and interested) as they go through a book.It’s a charming collection of gorgeously illustrated poems to encourage fun and bedtime bonding between parents and their children.

Now although these are all “Asauruses” the catch at the end of the book is for the child to come up with and draw there own “ASNAURUS” the Bedtimeasnaurus. After all it is a bedtime story.Then of course they must write there own rhyme to go along with there picture. The author then encorages you to send in your dino creations to their Facebook page .So have fun kids!


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Is it important to write for children?

Can we remember the first book we had read to us?

Can we remember the first book we read ourselves?

The first book we had to read at school or the first library book we took out?

I guess we can remember most if not all of these, each lovingly written way before we thought too much of what’s entailed in writing a book for children.

As an adult writing a children’s book over the last thirty years there has been so many changes with regards to the contents you can write, some of the characters I created just wouldn’t be p.c. now and some of the words certainly wouldn’t be, how times change!

The aim was always to create something that both the reader and the child would have fun together reading

In The Bedtimeasnaurus the illustrations and the highlighting of text were as equally important to visually stimulate as well for younger children I believe that this strong mixture is essential for a mutually rewarding experience. As children get older and start reading for themselves the pictures become less and the stories start to grow longer.

I can remember my first Janet and John books, racing through them to progress to next level learning stage. The appetite then for reading was ferocious, a book from the school library to take home was a treat way, before we had TV’s in our bedroom, tablets and phones.

I was adopted as a baby and I can remember my parents reading me a book called ‘Mr Fairweather and his family’, this soon became my favourite book. A beautiful story about a couple who couldn’t have children finally adopting a little boy, my parents told me at a very early age that our story was in fact the same as this book. It made me feel very special and I’m sure it helped families over the years help to explain how special it is to be adopted. It was then and it is now still one of my all-time favourite books

The dusting down on Christmas eve of the book ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ has been a long standing tradition, a bed time story to try and settle down the excitable flock. All of our children remember this and still talk about it as a very special time of their family Christmas. I have no doubt that as they start their own families that the book will be read time and time again.

There are so many fantastic books available that from an early age allows us to read and engage with our smaller children and then as their confidence and ability grows gives them a whole new world of adventures to explore as they read for themselves.


Writing for children helps give them their own stepping stones to begin and continue their literary journey through life. J.K. Rowling arguably one of the most successful children’s authors herself has many favourite books she lists as having a deep impact on her growing up, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and the Manx Mouse by Paul Gallico are but two, who knows without such inspiring books that were available to her as a child we never have heard about Harry Potter and all his fantastic adventures

To me the magic of a real book is a fantastic tactile experience, it should be a magical journey of adventure that captures and grips us to the point where we can’t wait for the next page. How many of us now only perhaps find time to read a book when we go on holiday, crashing on a sun lounger for that well-earned holiday? I know myself this is often true and a too often short lived experience.

So is it important to write for children?

I think we all know the answer to that, we are still children at heart, I truly believe that everything starts with our children, to take time to read them is truly a joy and an experience that we should never take for granted.

I am sure that each one of us who takes the time to write for the children of today stokes the embers for the fires of the future.

I hope you find The Bedtimeasnaurus sparks the inner child in you and it gives the child in your life a chance to smile and shine.


About the author: Born in Walsaill West Midland, UK, Bayliss is an entrepreneur that owns companies in several industries including building supply and property development. He also owns Bespoke Brewery, which opened in 2012 and has since won a number of awards for its craft beer. He lives with his wife and three children in Forest Dean, UK. This is his first book.Developing the idea for over thirty years while working on other projects , Bayliss was encouraged to publish his collection after being diagnosed with stage IV non – Hodgkin lymphoma in April 2017, using his work as a positive outlet for his energy as he worked to battle the illness.





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