With a growth rate of 8 to 14 percent, homeschooling is turning out to be more and more popular each day. There are more than two million children that are being homeschooled today. While homeschooling definitely has some pros when compared to public or private schools, it also has cons that parents need to consider.

The Pros

1. Freedom of Choice: One of the biggest advantage homeschooled children have is that they’re free to study/learn anything they want, whenever they want and as much as they want. For example, a child that’s interested can in learning music can take private, in-home music lessons and get better at it.

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2. Physical Freedom: Parents have often said that they feel a strong sense of freedom after leaving the school system. Since their lives are not revolving around homework, school hours and school calendar, such families are able to find time for visiting parks/museums, or even an off-season vacation.

3. Emotional Freedom: A typical school day consists of many challenges for the child, such as competition from other students, getting bullied, etc. Studies show that many middle school kids, especially girls, suffer with low self-esteem due to lack of emotional freedom. Homeschooled kids don’t have to deal with all this. They can dress, act, think and live the way they want without the pressure of fitting in.

The Cons

1. Time Restraints: This is one thing that every parent needs to think about carefully before starting to homeschool their child. Because learning outside of a school environment will most definitely prove to be time consuming for the parents. Working parents need to be creative with their time management in order to overcome the challenge.

2. Financial Restraints: Married parents will have to face financial constraints when homeschooling their child because one of them has to be at home to home school rather than working out there. This can be a huge sacrifice, especially for those parents who are trying to make ends meet.

3. Limited Sports Activity: Yes, community sports do make up for the younger children, but teenagers often find their options/opportunities limited when it comes to joining sports teams. Depending on the city you live in, homeschoolers may not find a place in teams with the public-schooled kids.

All in all, homeschooling is a trend that’s definitely growing, and will continue to grow. However, taking its pros and cons into consideration, it’s completely up to you whether you want to homeschool your child or not.

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