Dollhouses are intricate and beautiful works of art, with tiny chairs, tables, beds and other furniture set up within miniature rooms. This hobby has been fascinating the young and old alike for many centuries.

A finely made dollhouse is crafted with attention to detail, so that every light fixture, wall covering and carpet is perfectly matched

doll house furniture
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and placed. Like most people interested in Crafts,Dollhouse enthusiasts take a lot of pride in their elegant and precious dollhouses, maintaining them and collecting more items to add to the décor.

If you are a dollhouse enthusiast, one of the important aspects you will be focused on is keeping your miniatures clean and maintained. Over time, dust will settle on your dollhouse and the furniture inside will start to look dirty. This article will offer tips  to keep your dollhouse looking as clean as possible,your furniture will always look brand new.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your dollhouse furniture:

Dollhouse Furniture Cleaning

Whenever you are handling your dollhouse furniture, take good care to hold it gently. With the small parts and fragile design, it can be easy to snap or break a chair or table leg.

Dust is the major concern when you are cleaning your dollhouse furniture. Try to dust your dollhouse around once per week.

When cleaning your dollhouse furniture, it is recommended to simply use a damp cloth. Wipe off any excess water afterward.

·         Avoid using a spray or a stain, as this will make a mess and could stain the fabric areas of the furniture. However, if the furniture is a solid piece of material you could consider using a cleaning spray.


·         To clean the inside of the rooms of your dollhouse, you can use a vacuum extension. Make sure that you remove all of the furniture and accessories first, so that they don’t accidentally get sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

·         It can be a good idea to sometimes rearrange your dollhouse furniture. This gives your house a fresh look and it also prevents dust from concentrating in the same area every time.

·         While you have taken all of the furniture out for cleaning,take the opportunity to touch up the paint on the walls or fix any imperfections in the wallpaper.

You can use a compressed air canister, like the ones designed to clean a computer keyboard. This will allow you to blow out most of the dust without disturbing your dolls house miniatures.

Also try using a makeup brush to dust the furniture and the other small items within the dollhouse.

Use the lens cleaning cloth from a pair of glasses to wipe down some of the larger pieces of furniture.

Some  miniature collectors like to cover the open side of the house with Plexiglass.This prevents dust from getting in and means that you won’t have to clean your furniture as often.

 Furniture Repairs

·     To prevent breakage of your dollhouse furniture,keep it out of the reach of small children. They

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will want to play with it, but they are likely to put it in their mouth or bang it on the floor.

·         You can have another stronger plastic dollhouse with unbreakable furniture that your children or grandchildren can play with, if they are interested.

·         Remember that  furniture pieces are very small and delicate, so they are prone to breakage. If you do break one of the decorative pieces of wood fix it with a little bit of wood glue.

·         If any of the fabric in your dollhouse rips, repair it with a few stitches of needle and thread. Make sure that you use under-stitches to hide the tear and keep your stitches small and close together.


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Try holding down the pieces of furniture with small pieces of soft wax. This will prevent them from falling over if the dollhouse is bumped or moved.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind so that you can keep your dollhouse furniture clean and well maintained for many years to come.

About the author:

Gem Wilson is a freelance writer and dollhouse enthusiast. She has been building a replica Victorian townhouse for the last two years, slowly collecting furniture pieces and other accessories.



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