HouseThe housing and credit markets have been cast in a bad light in the last few years. However new home buyers have had some opportunities to get good deals on homes through first-time buyer tax credits. While these incentives are generally over, affordable credit remains viable through common first time buyer mortgages that many banks and lenders make available.

These new buyer financing programs usually involve a mortgage consultant working with the new buyer to help educate them on the home financing process while also going through the lending approval process to help arrange for the best rates and terms.

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To find out what options are available and to compare competing products, simply contact your local banks and mortgage lenders and ask them about their first time buyer mortgages and financing programs. Most large banks have some types of options available for you and are happy to sit down and discuss them with you.

Even if you are not new to the market you might be able to get some good financial deals if you have good credit. While some lenders are more restricted in the current market, good credit borrowers can still find financing.

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