Many companies have entered the digital photo book  industry as the Internet has evolved, the clouds have gotten fluffier and and more capable of storing our digital media in cyberspace. Few are able to offer the impressive peer to peer sharing, advanced intelligence and security in one package in the way that new site Fotobounce is able to do.

The Fotobounce experience does offer one of the best peer to peer sharing network opportunities available. Simply go to the website and download the software to your computer. Users are able to share full resolution photo images with family and friends in what the site refers to as “bouncers”. You can connect your account with your Facebook, Flickr and AirSet for full integration and two transfer of your photos.

One of the most impressive features is the identity tag. When you upload your images and tag them with names, Fotobounce becomes familiar with the image and name and will automatically tag future photos of that person for easy file organization. This face recognition feature is built-in and helps make the photo organization must simpler. You can store photos by categories such as People, Collections, Events and Places.

Another component of the full integration is the ability to view photos from your account on your mobile device.

The security capabilities of Fotobounce are also important. Issues with file hacking, photo stealing and other online theft has affected many other public and private sharing network sites. Facebook privacy concerns are constantly in the public forefront. However, the capability to establish privacy settings to only allow your bouncers to participate in your photo network is critical. All photos are managed from your personal computer’s desktop and are not included in your account until you put them there.

Finally, do not forget about printing your favorite photos. You stick a USB drive or digital photo frame into your computer and store and prepare your photos for awesome prints. Turn your favorite pictures into photobooks, posters, calendars or other personalized photo items to share with the friends and family in your photo network.

I found Fotobounce easy to understand and use.  The face recognition feature makes categorizing pictures so much easier.  My favorite feature is the Peer to Peer sharing.  I like the privacy of picking who I can share my photos with and the fact it is local to my computer.  I was also able to integrate with  my Flickr account.   I think Fotobounce is a great resource for moms like me, who like to take tons of pictures, and save time.

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