CyberDefender badgeI am excited to share news about a New PC Giveaway for busy Moms from CyberDefender. The company is a leading provider of security software that helps protect your computer from unwanted web or download intrusions. Learn more about Cyber Defender and enter to win an amazing prize of a laptop computer with CyberDefender software, along with LiveTech support.

More About CyberDefender and Giveaway

Nowadays, most of us are slowly becoming more and more comfortable with unsafe habits when browsing the web. Without noticing, we lapse in updating our software when we are notified; we let someone we’re not 100% sure we actually know (could be from high school?) be a friend on Facebook; we download recipes or let our kids download and play games from unknown sites. Most of us have security software, but before we know it, our PC becomes slow…incredibly frustratingly slow.

Enter to win the ultimate prize — a brand new laptop loaded with CyberDefender security software and expert help from LiveTech to set it up when it arrives. Just visit the CyberDefender Facebook page and tell them your technology frustration story. You can write about anything, such as problems setting up a home network, downloading pictures from your iPhone, or figuring out how to use your new tablet – or you can tell it visually and post a picture of you and your kids with your old clunker or tired, infected PC. The more creative or humorous you are, the better chance you have to win!!

The company’s remote tech support service, LiveTech, can help with any PC-related issues, home networks or connected devices, from system slowdown to malware removal or even helping sync data and music between computers and smartphones.

LiveTech will get you, your kids, your carpool, your meetings, sports practices and social plans back on track! Finally, an end to tech frustration!


Contest results are final, must be over 18 to enter. Please see terms and conditions before entering.

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Book Room Reviews BOOK ROOM REVIEWS - BOOK REVIEWS & WRITING TIPS | VISIT NOW Copyright (C) Read more at... .