filesThough many files found online are PDF files, I have always been a little uncertain when it comes to creating or converting documents into PDF files. When you search PDF files and then download them, they seem to take longer than other times of document files to open.

Additionally, when I have had other people request that I send files to them in PDF format, it has been difficult to track changes and convert the files effectively. However, Adobe and its partners have done a much better job providing tools that allow for easier conversion of files in recent years.

Microsoft Surface Book 3

Many new scan to PDF conversion tools are now available that allow you to scan in image files in traditional formats like BMP, TIFF and JPEG and easily convert them into PDF documents where you can easily redact the important information that you need from the files.

Thanks to these new and easier to use PDF conversion tools, it is much easier for me to meet the file format requirements of people that I send files to directly or website applications that ask for PDF file uploads. Adobe’s PDF remains one of the most popular tools to send important content and image files so learning how to use these tools are important for ongoing web file sharing.

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